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Ruixian Fan - Xian, China - Mandarin - (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~ 15:30:00-15:59:59

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It's very simple Then that... Oops. [sigh] Almost done, ten more minutes. You didn't go back in the morning. Why didn't you go in? No worries, how is it going now? I can't feel my leg. Which leg? This leg. This leg, this ankle. You didn't have surgery, right? No. Did they plaster it? No, I don't have enough money. You dialed it. Xiaogang! How's your leg? It's getting better, but it takes time to recover completely. Take it slowly. If you are ok, then walk slowly. Your managers will take special care of you. Which train did you take to get here? There's no place to print over there. We don't have that many people. I'm familiar with the driver's post. I'll go first. That works. Okay, I'll leave a bit early. Okay, I will see you later? You don't have to buy anything next time, okay? Wow, that's stupid. You can't walk. I couldn't feel my legs for the first three days. Not completely recovered yet. Yeah. Oops, bike! I avoided it, but they didn't let me go first. I just naturally fell from the bike. Did they find the perpetrator? I just fell down like this. Did they find the perpetrator? Finding the perpetrator is not the problem. It's not your problem that you bumped into that person when you tried to avoid the car. That means you avoided it, but that person hit-and-run. Right? The bike just fell down. Sprained my ankle. Hurt the muscle? Yeah. It's ok. When you fell down, did you rip your muscle. Then it hang in the air, her feet were on the pedals. This foot went straight down, it is like this, do you understand? It was like this, it turned. No, not like this, I said it was like this. It’s crushed, it’s just crushed! I put an ice patch on it for 24 hours. Take an ice patch and apply it quickly! I did. Waited until the next day for a X-ray, Fortunately, no bones were hurt. If you did hurt the bones, you won't even be able to work. Like this, Move your feet up and down. The toe in the front? Here, here is fine. The place around the ankle. Hurts if I press on it. Mr. Niu! Tell the managers to help you out. No problem! Just take a break and rest. Are your flowers still alive? Withered. Do you have water? Yes. Did you get the clothes? I did, thank you, are they in the bag? Yes, let me take them out, my bag is so heavy. Which one, this one? I brought them. I have no place to put them. Thanks, thanks. Withered. Here, give it to me. I was just going to give it to you. Here's your stuff, thank you. You didn't drink it? Not yogurt. Oh no, you didn't carry it around, did you? Here! Is it still edible? Of course. It's cold. Let me check the expiration date. It can't be expired. Hasn't this milk been on the self for a month? The 19th. No, no, no. Drink it, it's cold. May has 31 days. Give it to your uncle. It's cold and refreshing. I told you to drink it the other day, but you didn't drink it. It was so hot that day. The milk was warm after being put in the bag. Just put it inside. I was startled when I ran into Shen Quanlong just now. I thought you were not coming. Did a lot of work. Scared me! Then I realized that it was the wrong date! The Video Consent form. The forms are...... You are allowing them to include you in the film. Wait for the others. Contract. Very simple, it just gives them permission to film you. Yeah. I see him very often these days. Who? Qing. Oh. Why is it so hot even with the air conditioner on? The windows are all open. It's too humid today! Is it raining? Just drizzle. Look, I wore a new pair of pants for the shooting. You should give it to me. Change it! The clothes are so small! Don't complain if it gets too hot. Are you still going to wear it? No, new clothes are better than yours. You can pull it all the way up. Oh. Yang Lili and some others haven't showed up yet. Isn't she on break? Don't want to come to Baoji? I went to the...... The power supplies are across from us! Across? The building across from us. They were playing volleyball in there. It's so tiring to play volleyball with them. Sweat so much. My arms are still swollen. You should put your hands like this. That's soft volleyball. You can use one hand. I just used one hand. I should pass it on like this. But I just hit it over! My hand felt twisted. But it is very fun. What did you run into? Sit. Where did you go on the other day? Told me last night. Xi'an is so hot, feels like the rain is boiling. Yesterday? Yesterday when he had a breakdown. Did you drink yesterday? Yesterday was Kai Youle. Dicos? Can I say it? I ate two hamburgers. You ate two small hamburgers. I bought two since I might as well. It was so hot, so I drank two drinks. What did you drink? Let's not talk about it. He was so mad. He cut his... What did he want to do? Not that he wanted to do anything. The thing is. Money. Earned too little. Yeah. He had to work hard. He was from Shiwu. His father was the director right? Yeah. Isn't that worse? Chief of affairs. You must be very busy now. No good books to read now. I'm worried. That person, Hu Xing, do you know? He is reassigned. They reassigned his batch. Hu Xingjin entered Huoyun. Hu Xing has changed his job? Yeah Do you know Changtiao? Changtiao? Yeah. You are college graduate. Also transferred. Just transferred two women. They are both in Huoyun. I have no chance. Qingwa is now outside the house. He is at his home now. Go to his home now. If he retires now, there will be one more spot. Still young. You are also young. My dad is rich now! My dad is rich now. Do it well. If you are not good enough, forget about it. Why? My dad can now earn five thousand dollars. Why? He is writing a book himself. He is working. Wow! Has he collected more than 3,000? Three Nearly three million. He has bad goods. Hold on to it. Six thousand a month. Five thousand. The two can nearly afford less than one department. Not even one. Half. Half is also worth it. Told him it was sponsored, he said you are hopeless. Did you see Mr. Han's? Along with the long term house rental on Yuntao Road. A homestay. No customer. Up to two thousand. Two thousand. It seems like two thousand and three hundred. It seems like more than 20,000, I don't remember. Your family's salary is so high! His salary is higher than yours. Didn't I tell you? Where? It's here, too. My classmate is also the Director. Why is he so excellent? Driver. Driver. They are from the same batch. Liu Xiaodong tested that batch. Just wait and see. The conclusion I got is that Not only that you have to be there, you have to You have to understand the relationships there. Don't work there, you're not good enough. It's not bad transferring to the South! Oh. Don't think about there. It's going to be divided soon. It has already been experimented in Shanghai. The freight transportation company has been founded in Shanghai. The one in Hedong should also be enhanced. Yeah, you know? That's the trend! Now starting from Shanghai, then promote it nationwide. Then it will become a freight transportation company in the future. According to the rumors, we are in the same group. Station and the trains are together. That's the new company. So if you choose to do passenger transportation, there's no hurry. But if you choose freight transportation, you have to hurry up. Just in case that one day, That company will...... It's not easy. Does he know? If he doesn't, then just learn everything again. There's no rush for passenger transport. Maybe it'll get better in the future, so we don't have to transfer to go. Who were on duty from June 3rd to 7th? The shift before the last one. You were on duty at the end of May. You were there on the 30th. 30th? Are you sure? Maybe. Then, who were on the shift after you two? Not bad. The shift today The shift. Should I report it to them? Comply with the assignments. Wow! Sign. You don't have much room left. Ask the captain for it. If you are getting a new phone, There's not enough time. The contract is expiring soon. Getting a new one later. There is a Xi'an passenger segment Telegram No. 193 forwarded it. This is the notice of Telegraph No. 20134 from Xi'an Fire Protection Committee. From August 7th, the entire range will be under summer security inspection. This is for the department! Special fire inspection. Mainly on May 31st. Heilongjiang central region. Fire broke out of the storage that is directly under it. There are also major fire accidents caused by the ammonia leak of Jilin, Baoyuan and Fengqing companies. Leading to the death of a hundred and twenty people. Seventy people injured. In order to learn from these two tragic accidents and to make sure that fire safety, Railway Bureau decided that, from now on to August 7th, until August, which is the peak of summer transportation, afterwards, a two-month summer fire safety inspection will begin. There were three more, There was a case of signaling construction that violated discipline. There is also a case with poor quality motor vehicle maintenance. Another was inadequate handling of the breakdown of the high-speed railway. Three typical accidents. New class passenger car stays in the car guards regulations, Our system requires one captain and two attendances for one train. Fixed positioning, The train conductor took the class to drive. Let me clarify the meal time. From 12 to 12:45. Total of 45 minutes. That's lunch time. If you happen to eat in the afternoon, it's from 6 to 6:45pm. Also a total of 45 minutes. Pay special attention to the train library, Do not climb over the vehicle, drill the car and cross the track. In principle, you should not leave the guarded train alone. If special situations such as dinner or bathroom breaks happen, Let the captain know. After getting permission from the captain, Account for safety matters with external car guards. Leave clear contact information. Keep meal time within 45 minutes. Bathroom breaks within 30 minutes. Captain should record the time and name of those who are taking a break. One more, Party committee. The big discussion event of the railway going to the market, If you are interested, you can take a look at these articles. You can write about it after discussing by yourself or with others. Write about future developments. How to adapt to the market. Conduct a security check on a global scale. Just a fire inspection, In the overall situation, it has been successfully implemented in three thousand days. On the 3rd of September 12th, Marching into the three thousand and one hundred days. June 15th to June 31st. First stage. Promotion. July 1st to August 31st. It is the conversation on the paragraph. From September 1 to September 30, It was organized globally. After the completion, we must implement the rectification And establish a long-term mechanism for security management. Take a note of this, No. 38 It is the beginning of a big security check. It is the 38th document June 15th to September 30th. June 15th to September 30th.

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Ruixian Fan is one of the first to arrive at the K165 train line staff meeting. She reads the news on her mobile phone and speaks with some of her colleagues before their leader starts the meeting.

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