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Jane Seymour, the Grandmother - AARP

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[AARP Real Possibilities] [Jane Seymour] I remember that I was looking around at friends of mine who are grandparents, little older than me, and they said, "Oh, the grandchildren, the grandchildren." And then all they could talk about was the grandchild and their endless photographs of the grandchild. And I'm going, "Ugh, God, this is so boring." And of course I have my first grandchild, and it's like, "A grandchild! A grandchild! This is better than a child! This is an amazing experience." Because I don't think there's anything more fantastic than watching your own child be a mother. [Jane Seymour talks about being a grandparent] [♪ music ♪] My grandchildren call me "Oma," which is spelled O-M-A, which is the Dutch for "grandma." We have what's called Willa and Rowan days, where their parents decide they have something else they need to do and then they get to come and spend time with us, and that's wonderful and we love it. I'm trying very hard to be tech-savvy. I Instagram. We have a cloud, a family cloud, for photographs of the children, and that's been a lot of fun. That's just very private. That just goes around the family and very close friends. We're trying to not let them have too much computer time at the moment, or too much TV time. We want to do old-fashioned things like playing, and taking them to the zoo, and being around nature, and swimming, and you know, active things. Because they'll get into this very soon. One of my favorite things is that my grandkids get to go in the garden and see the food actually growing, see the chickens actually laying eggs. And then when they eat an egg or they have a vegetable from the garden there's a new appreciation because they saw it grow from something tiny to something big. They get to pick it. They get to watch us make it. It's much more interesting than something out of the pot. We have koi fish. And we got the koi fish when the babies were born. The other babies, the grown-up babies. They're 18 now. So 18 years ago we got a little fish, like that big. They came off the airplane straight from Japan and we put them in the pond. We've got a ton of koi now and they're amazing. We give them away because we just have so many. The two of them get along so well together. So what we do sometimes is have them go— if they're going to spend Oma day with me, or Willa day, Willa and Rowan can come together, 'cause they love each other, or they can go to both their father's place. There's a lot of grandparents around. We actually fight for the right. I think having grandchildren makes you young. [SURGICAL POP] []

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Jane Seymour talks about being a grandparent

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