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Welcome to Ellusionist. We're going to show you videos of slight of hand magic. This is magic that you can learn how to do. Here's the first one. I got a great trick I want to show you, guys. Okay? It's called "the disintegrating quarter". What you're going to do is you're going to place this quarter right on the table and in front of you, I'm going to make that quarter disappear. Disintegrate, actually. You're ready? Yes. I'm going to take this one glass. And I'll place it over it so I can get my sticky little hands at it and try and palm it off the table and I'll make it go right through the table disintegrate, and totally gone. Okay? Got it? Okay? We're watching. Okay, I take... I take... this cocktail napkin simple old cocktail napkin And I really snuggly cover this glass. The quarter is still there. Okay. The quarter is still there, it hasn't moved. Right? One, two... Abracadabra. Gone. It's not gone. It didn't go. No, it's not abracadabra. That's the prom. It's one, two, three. Okay. -- Abracadabra. -- That's it. It's gone. It didn't go. Still there. It's still there. Let's try one more time. Okay. Well, you know, it didn't really work that well to even get it gone. So, maybe what we ought to do this time is instead of doing that, let's see if we can get this right through the table. in two different tricks. Instead, let's take the glass and put that through the table. How did you do that? [Laughter] I want to know, I don't believe it. What don't you believe? I'm... All of it. I was watching the whole time then I see what... I haven't seen why you did it. -- I've seen it. It's gone. -- It's magic.

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Posted by: aimglory on Aug 2, 2011


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