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ABCs of Pest Habitat Modification-The Roof

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Now, let's consider another area on the exterior of a building that a lot of times we forget about, that being the roof. Once you get on the top of the roof, the first thing to pay attention to is the HVAC systems. There are three specific things to pay attention to. First of all, look at the screens and the filters. Sometimes, they may be compromised and therefore pests may be entering in that area. Second of all, make sure that they're sealed properly on the roof, if not there may be cracks and crevices that insects or pests are using to get in. And third, usually there's water associated with these types of systems. Pooling water is an attractant for birds, and rodents, and even spiders might be in that area. In reference to pools or water puddling on the top of the roof, try to eliminate that, even a recent rain or a snowstorm may be the cause. Try to ensure the angle of the roof is letting that run off, or that the gutters are having it taken off. Birds love roofs and therefore, you don't want it to be attractive to them. First of all, the worst thing is to have birds breeding on your roof. Make sure, there is no underhangs or conditions where they could actually build the nest and they aren't produced their offspring because often the babies want to come back where they were actually born. Next, the edge of the roof is often attractive as well because birds therefore can look around and see if there's any predators after them. Don't make the edge of the roof attractive to birds. Consult your pest control professional to find out the latest and best techniques so that it doesn't happen.

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ABCs of Pest Habitat Modification-The Roof

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