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About the future movie - Conversations with Jacque & Roxanne in Bogotá

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Conversations with Jacque & Roxanne - April 2010, Bogota, Columbia You said you plan to do a movie. What is it about? So this film, we feel, is very important to help the transition. We feel maybe if enough people... This film would make more people know about it It would go into the general audience. Into general movie theaters. The reason we want to make a film is so they don't project their own values into the future. Say a bunth of scientists order people around. Whatever they picture, we wanna show what it would be like, what family like, the schools, how you get your food and what you do with people who are ill, who are blind We show everything of the new world It gives people a direction to work toward the general public, 'cause they haven't got a clue. They don't know what is wrong. They don't know what's possible and the film would show them what's possible. We want to make a major motion picture. That motion picture is about I'll tell you what it's about. It begins 50 years in the future. And we show people what the world might could look like what it could be. We show all the new cities. the parks, and the new schools. The whole trip. Then the camera comes to focus on one house of the future. And it goes closer and closer. And it shows the family. Father, mother and two children. One is six - the little girl. The boy is seven. And the camera is close to that. And they're walking. in a beautiful garden. ??? with trees and waterfalls. And the litte girl says - "Daddy, I want to talk to you." And the camera is the ??? height the little girl. It turns up to the daddy. He says - "What is it?" She says - "Daddy, we live in a world without crime. no corruption, no armies, no navys. How did we get to this world?" The kid says this. So he says - "Didn't you get that in school?" The kid says - "No, I want to know in detail... how you change people. 'Cause there's so many different types of people." So father says... And then the litte boy says - "Yes, I want to know too. Now!" So he sits both kids down and starts talking them. And then it fades out and it comes back to the present day. 'cause they want to know how we've got from here to there. So in the present day. Here is what it shows. It shows people losing their homes. Bank, government being paid off by corporations. It shows all those things. And then it shows the army putting out bases all over the world to make sure socialism ? doesn't ? rise. to keep it down, to pay off government leaders assassinate those who that are apt to bring about change. So... It shows that in the movie Then, the camera winds up in front of the United Nations. The camera is on the flag of England and they got to british national anthem. It covers all the flags of the different nations with their music. Then it goes inside the UN ? to ? the guy that looks like Einstein. The scientist that made enormous contributions to the world. You know, hair's sticking up like that. He is given one hour to address the United Nations on the possible way out of this dilemma. Now, that is hard in one hour to turn the United Nations around. I called the United Nations many years ago and said I'd like to present the project. They said - "Who ??? the hell are you?" So, I am nobody. So I did get the opportunity. So, I've ? been ? in a ficotitious movie have guy that looks like Einstein. And he is addressing the United Nations. Camera is in there. And he talks to them all things I talked to you about. And in the end He says - "What we need is a cybernated government." That shocks the hell out of them. The prime minister of France stands up and he says - (In a heavy french accent) "Never would France accept a machine to decide for human beings." The whole UN stands up and does this. I believe people would not accept this if put out in one hour. Not possible. So... When the prime minister of France get to talking, he says - "I admire what you've done." - to this scientist - "You've made may wonderful things." "But the machine government - never!" So anyway... This guy that looks like Einstein suspected that. 'Cause in one hour, he knows, he can only do a litte bit. So he said to the prime minister of France - "Would you mind coming up to the podium?" And the minister says - "I'll do anything you ask. We admire you, deeply respect you." "But we don't like your conclusions." So anyway he comes up to the podium. And they say - "Would you please take you shirt off," your jacket, your tie, and expose your bad chest?" He says - "This is very unusual request." "But if you ask me to do it, I'll do it." And he take his shirt off and tie. Because he respects the guy. And then he says - "That scar you have here." "What is it?" He says - "I have a pacemaker." "A machine?" "How did you breathe when you heart gave up?" In the hospital there was a respiratory machine. People don't know what machines are doing today. They have no idea. Everything that you have - your washing machine, your oven, you refrigerator your automobiles, your airplanes - everything is technical, not political. So everything that you have, that advances the country is technical not political. Politicians... There is no recon of any politician growing more food per acre. or giving advise that makes automobiles safer. You know... they don't know how to do that. So... they don't know how to solve problems, so they make laws. "Don't steal". They don't know how to stop it. And some president's wife said - "Say no to drugs!" You know that doesn't work.

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From the series "Conversations with Jacque & Roxanne" in April 2010. Bogotá, Colombia. More at

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