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Fattabiouni Sports | فاتبعوني - سنن الرياضة

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(Music) Of the things that practiced by more people today on earth sports and the love of sports, and competing in sports, movement, body-building and the pursuit of healthy, well, and good figure This a destination for many people, they do it but don't know that it was one of the things that were mixed in the live of our beloved Mohammed Peace be upon him (PBUH) our beloved (PBUH) he called and urged, and he regarded this himself I mean, you can say that the prophet (PBUH) Was one of the best athletes In his body and his interest in sports, peace be upon him The Beloved peace be upon him says The strong believer is more beloved to Allah than the weak believer And there's good in both But this strength have an impact on human Because health and wellness Helps man to obey Helps man to serve the religion of Allah Helps him to help himself, his family, and do his needs [The Messenger of Allah (PBUH): you have a duty towards your own body] The blessings of Allah be upon him, his family and companions For example, when describing his figure He had a strong body structure Coherent body parts His stomach is flat with his back A sign of his strength and agility may Allah bless him, his family and his companions The prophet Allah bless him and grant him peace was When he walks he walks inclining as if coming down from a height he lifted his legs with vigour You see, when a man walks with vigour As if he pulls his legs off the ground And whoever walks a side by him gets tired, for that the prophet (PBUH) walked very fast "we overload ourselves and he is indifferent" which means he walked and... this how he walked normally But his companions, walking behind him get tired from his walk may Allah bless him, his family, and his companions as a sign of his strength when walking (PBUH) (Allah bless him and grant him peace: Teach your children swimming and archery) The Beloved of Allah bless him and grant him peace practiced sports that existed in his time He was an archer and a rider And he would compete And he (PBUH) would also wrestle Rkana wrestled and wrestled some of the people In other words, sports that were popular in his time May Allah bless him and grant him peace he practiced them all The important point in this blessed Sunnah The first thing to a man needs to know it's a Sunnah If we know that practicing sports is Sunnah If one goes for a walk His intention is that he is doing Sunna It's the Sunna of our Beloved Or if he play ball for example, If for example, go to... Exercise, for example any sport of today's sports in a Sports Club, lift weight or Gymnastics, or any game or sporting game Enough just to intend to follow our beloved, Allah bless him, his family and companions And let his purpose be that he is getting stronger to obey God Almighty Strengthened in order to serve his country and its people and himself The sport will then make him achieve two wellness, the health of the heart and the health of the body (The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: have fun and play, I hate to see ruggedness in your religion) Even our beloved, Allah bless him and grant him peace have said that a man can have fun with his family and that he had fun ranging I mean, a sport with a purpose that is sustaining which have benefits it is not forbidden This is the fun that man draw closer to God with tightens his structure serve his religion if God willing once given the opportunity to do so blessings of Allah be upon him, was one of the most people seeking this so he sought to encourage the rest of his companions even his wives women in the era of the Prophet, peace be upon him, rode horses were engaged in walking he competed with Aisha, God bless her to encourage his wife and urges her so that her body becomes well, smart, and strong to fit with what she does in her life and to be suitable for her figure, beauty, and grace (The Messenger (PBUH): Good fortune is knotted in the horse's forelock until the Day of Judgement) Of the things that were taken care of by the prophet peace be upon him is that he set up races himself Meaning that, the Prophet, peace be upon him held races between horses Between the well-fed horses and those that aren't and he, (PBUH) may have given some awards On these horses and has described them of well descriptions and The Beloved, (PBUH) had a camel called Aledaba This camel was strong never been beaten in a race before One day The Prophet (PBUH) was competing in one of his travels So, a Bedouin, with a strong camel approached the Prophet (PBUH) And he raced Aledaba, he outran the prophet's (PBUH) camel the companions were overwhelmed because they were all supporting The Beloved's (PBUH) camel this is their beloved their chest tightened of this Prophet (PBUH) noticed this and said: It is Allah's Law that He brings down whatever rises high in the world This is life As they say today Some young people, if his team was defeated they show emotions and are displeased Prophet peace be upon him was It's okay if a man's team, horse, or camel is defeated This is normal A man must accept this How very close the prophet is to us I mean, almost paralleled to our lives if one of us has focused Will find himself waking-up and sleep With which the Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and his family peace and This is the value of you following our beloved (PBUH) Which transforms a simple human life which sometimes have no meaning, can also sometimes be insignificant or of no value To a life of great value So a human advance to become something great. Praise be to God The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him This prophet, who has shown us all the best Opened all doors of good, may God bless him (He says: {Say: "If ye do love Allah, Follow me: Allah will love you...} Sura Al-Imran 31) (Background music) (Fattabiouni --- Mohammed Al-Qaaf) Sponsored by Hani Ibrahim Khoja

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Retrieved from YouTube: Fattabiouni - هذا الفيديو مسترد من قناة فاتبعوني على اليوتيوب

من صفته صلى الله عليه وسلم انه كان قوي البنية وكان يحث أصحابه على الرياضة والإعتناء بالأجسام ويقول :المؤمنُ القوي خير وأحب إلى الله من المؤمن الضعيف

One characteristic of prophet Mohammed peace be upon him is that he was strong and had urged his companions to engage in sports, to take care of their bodies and says: a strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer

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