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American Sniper Excerpt.mp4

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A Lesson in Awareness of the Automatic Self: Except from AMERICAN SNIPER The film American Sniper depicts the experiences of Chris Kyle, who served 4 combat tours in Iraq as a Navy SEAL, one of the U.S. military's elite combat units. The following clip depicts the conclusion of one of Kyle's last combat missions, which occurs in a terrible sand storm. Providing covering fire as his unit withdraws in an armored truck, Kyle runs to catch up to his team. The film then cuts to his return home. Though he is reunited with his wife and children, Kyle finds that he cannot leave the war behind. (indistinct shouting) Grab my hand! Come on, Chris! Come on! (gun fire) (crosstalk) (car engine) (wind howling) [Sports Announcer] With a nice pass as Brandon Wallace Penetration. Draw Defenders. And then leave it for Balkman in perfect position. And Moss commits back-to-back fouls and has three now in the game. The first player with three. Renaldo Balkman, that big smile, so engaging. He's a big fan favorite. He's got the Balkman Buddies in their t-shirts behinds us cheering his every move. (cellphone vibrating) (cellphone beeps) Yeah. Hey, it's me. I just, I got this weird message that you were on a plane or something? Yeah, yeah. I got out early. You did? So, what, are you in Germany or where? No, I'm here. I'm stateside. You're home. What are you doing? I guess I just needed a minute. Chris. The kids are dying to see you. It's been nine months. I'm coming home. Are you all right? Yeah, I'm good. (sniffles) Babe, come home. Okay? You know, we miss you. Okay. (cellphone beeps) (gun fire) (explosions) (kids laughing) (gun fire) (explosions) (helicopter blades whir) Hey, Chris? Babe. (children playing) Honey, I'm going outside. (drill whirring) (boy screaming) (gun fire) (dog barks) Get it. Higher. Look at you. I can see you face again, babe. Looks good. Oh, good. Looks different. So, the game's this Saturday. You know, he's the tallest kid on the team. Doctor said he could be 6'4. Isn't that insane? I can't wait for you to see him play. I go so crazy, though, when the other kids jump on him. Like, I need you there as like a leveler. You know what I mean? Hey, maybe you could even coach, you know? Kenna's going lose that tooth and I'm so worried she's going swallow it. Like in her sleep or something. And she said, she'd let you pull it, but only you. Would you do that? (children laugh) (dog barks) (dog whines) Chris! (dog panting) I got a very interesting phone call. It's from your wife. She told me about the barbecue. Yeah, that was unfortunate. Yeah. Things seem like they got a little out of hand. Are you worried? Uh, no, sir. So, you're not worried about what happened, or what might what happen? No, sir. I'm not worried about that. Let me ask you a question, Chris. How much time did you spend in-country? Well, four tours, so. That's, like what, 1,000 days? Yeah, sounds about right. Would you be surprised if I told you that the Navy has credited you with over 160 kills? Mm. Do you ever think that you might have seen things or done some things over there that you wish you hadn't? Oh, that's not me. No. What's not you? I was just protecting my guys. They were trying to kil our soldiers and I'm willing to meet my creator and answer for every shoot that I took. The thing that, haunts me. Are all the guys that I couldn't save. You know, I willing and able to be there, but I'm not. I'm here. I quit. So, you wish you could've saved more guys? Yes, sir. You know, you can walk down any hall in this hospital. We got plenty of soldiers need saving. Mmhm. Want to take a walk? Sure. All right. I want to show you something.

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