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listeners Film

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Radio Listeners Club Project -That is the question I hate the most This and the” why are you not married yet?” question - You’re not a stranger so I’ll tell you -Go ahead -I see marriage as two people that feel comfortable with each other but you've seen what happened to my sister Shireen - yes, is there any update? - we're still looking for a good lawyer because Shireen wants to divorce him - I know a good one The first time we heard about the Radio listeners club was during a training day in Ramallah It was the very first time that we had heard about such thing The main goal of the club is to let the society know about their rights and to raise society’s overall awareness about women’s issues and their rights in such situations to avoid it in the future - I just want to tell the court that i hate him so much that i can't have any kind of relationship with him and he should agree on the divorce without any court sessions , how can he force himself to someone that can't stand him - God Forbid, everything can be fixed -Mom why are you insisting that i should forgive him ? i don't get you - I'm saying this for your own benefit - How will it be to my benefit if i'm beaten up ? The idea behind the radio listeners club is to raise society’s awareness by using new techniques The techniques mostly used in raising awareness are discussion and lectures So we thought of targeting youth and social activists through audible things that they can stir up a debate on Ala’a Mohammad My experience in Radio Listeners club was very interesting, because they used drama as a way in which to address women’s issues A new technique, one of the most successful techniques used It gives the listeners space to think about the issues and they inadvertently stick in their minds, It’s very different to attending a lecture as a means of learning Yet listeners still receive sufficient information from the points addressed in the discussion to learn what needs to be learnt about these issues Aseel Abo Fardeh To begin with this experience was fruitful for all of us we noticed that interest of those who attended we noticed its effect on them because it’s a new subject and something they haven’t discussed before I think when the group started asking more questions and we realized that they wanted to have more information Well, then we knew we had succeeded in teaching them what needed to be taught inspired them to seek out more information Most of the participants were either college students or recent graduates Any subject related to women is usually not very well recognized or learnt about in society It’s our duty to highlight it There are things that we don’t know about so we try to bring attention to those things and discuss them and make them clear to everyone I’m engaged and will soon be getting married Sometimes when I argue with my fiancé I try to use the things I’ve learned here to solve it And it has been really beneficial to my life I even try to spread things I learn here with my friends on Facebook and family It was a very successful experience and I really enjoyed it It has developed my personality in a positive way and I’m more confident now Sometimes we disagree because we come from different backgrounds Each one of us has their opinion which encourages us to go through discussions And at the end we usually all agree on the same aims and message and what are the rights and duties of women Their Interest and desire to get more information and to disseminate information that they take from the women center to the outside world is a great success Radio listeners club works on promoting the concepts of discussion ,debate, and social change This is a produced by Women's Center For Legal Aid and Counseling Volunteers

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listeners Film

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