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The Art of Getting By (2011)

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♪ [Peter Bjorn and John - "Second Chance"] (teacher) Do you have your work, George? (George) No. (teacher) Why not? (George) Everything seemed meaningless. Including the assignment, unfortunately. I have no idea what I'm doing here. (bearded man) This stuff is fantastic. (George) They're just doodles. (man) No, George, this is who you are. ♪ When you flew out of the nest, you... ♪ (older man) George? What are you doing? (George) I'm drawing. (principal) You're future depends on the next few months. This counts as your official warning. (mother) Academic probation? (teacher) George - you're going to have to start diggin' around in there. Figure out what you want to say. (George) I don't have anything to say. (teacher) Find something! ♪ [music changes] (Sally) So, why don't you ever do your work? (George) I'm a teflon slacker. (Sally) You're really weird. We should hang out. (George) Rule number 1 about cutting school. Cutting school is fun. (Sally) That's a rule? (George) Rule number 2 - cut rarely to preserve the specialness. Rule number 3 - (Sally) You're a dork. (George) Wrong. Noodles. (Sally) Noodles? ♪ Can somebody tell me... ♪ (male) What's with the overcoat? We're indoors now. (George) I like layers. (Sally) C'mon. (brunette) Do you want me to introduce to any girls? What? (brunette) I have a lot of slutty friends here you might like. No, I'm cool. (bearded man) You guys are together, right? No. (man) You like her. I'll leave that alone. (George) She hasn't shown any interest (man) Well, have you? (brunette) I don't think you should be messin' around with him. I've seen the way he looks at you. (Sally) Mom - we're just friends. (man) You just go throw her up against the wall and start kissing her. You gotta do something, or you might lose her. ♪ Never thought I was satisfied ♪ (George) I gotta tell you something. (Sally) I need to talk to you too. (George) He told me he was going to leave it alone. (Sally) You told him we weren't together. (George) What should have I said? (Sally) What did you want to say? (teacher) I want you to look in the mirror, and find something you never had the courage to say before. Find what you care about, what you believe. ♪ Yeah, you come to mind ♪ [knocking] George. ♪♪ [Captions by]

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