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Eat Healthy, Kids!

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Ice-cream! Hey, you, the ice-cream man! Ice-cream right here! I want ice-cream! Don't you hear me? Hey, kids! What do you have? We want ice-cream! OK, here you go! Yeah! So you're saying you like ice-cream, hug? I know this is creepy at first, but you'll get over it. But you know what is creepier? What you do in your body by eating me! Do you know one serving of an ice-cream has 5 thousand grams of fat and 12 thousand grams of saturated fat? Ok, well, do you know you have more than a hundred thousand times a deal to lose calories if you eat me! Let me show you a diagram Eating ice-cream and other junk food like chips will eventually lead your hability of other substances that's home into the national flow of the blood to your heart that's the impressive little muscle that keeps you taking once it goes, well...don't expect to write letters back to mum from camp this year cause you'll be too dead to go! And if you are unlucky enough to live after all that calory go you'll end up taking much more space than you used to! cause you'll be fat! the only friends you'll have are the ones that only want you around because you make them feel better about themselves then you'll wind up being able to with the only people that have no legs or an 85 years-old can park How can you prevent this? Eating smart! Try filling your patchy face with things like fruit vegetables, leaves, youghourt chinesse food rocks, and granola They are the way to a healthier and happier you! Because you'll be skinny! and smooth as a baby-rock! So now you know how to prevent being a little porker and your dad from coming sooner or later what do you think? Oh, yeah! My dad is gonna eat ice-cream and junk for years and he's the toughest man in town! Not for long! Surely your dad will go into a diabetic comma because the sugar he'd taken will go so out of control, he won't have to worry about your collage's expenses...cause he'll be dead! And your mum will have to find a new man So...what do you say now about beaten that blubber? We can eat healthy! Great! And why not start now? Cause now is sooner than not now! Yeah! Good! Cause we just happen to have some delicious granola bars to start moving you down good old healthy highway Come and get them, kids! Thanks! My heart's already pumping blood like never before! Good to hear, kids! Thanks for your time! OK, so who's next? We've got some solid odss in the freezer OK, let's head over the county fair! There's gonna be chubbys involved in some kind of eating contest there!

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