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Kylie Masse - OUA Experience - Final - 1

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- Being an OUA athlete has been a crucial step in my swimming career. It has allowed me experiences and opportunities to continue improving my swimming many different levels, and I'm glad to have been a part of it and I'm sad to be leaving. When I was searching for a post-secondary education I decided to come to UFT because I knew that I would be comfortable, it was familiar to me and the University of Toronto has had incredible success both in academics and athletics and that was what I wanted in a school. So I knew, when I came on my recruitship and I met the team, I met the coaches, and I saw the school, I saw the resources and support system they had and I knew it was a great fit for me. Throughout my time in the OUA I've learned a lot about myself. I think being involved in sport teaches you so many life skills that are transferable to all aspects of life and being a part of a community that everyone is balancing school and athletics. It is really inspiring and that keeps me motivated to... wanna do the best I can. Representing Team Canada on the world stage was an incredible dream of mine. It was a dream come true and competing in the OUA was a stepping stone. The OUA served as an opportunity for me to race, and to continue to perfect my stroke and see how fast I can go and that led me to achieve great things on the world stage. It's hard to believe that I've accomplished that, but I couldn't have done it without the support of everyone at the University of Toronto. From people behind the scenes in the athletic department, to my teammates and my coaches. And I really wouldn't have been where I am without all of them, so it's to them, but also it is an honor especially when there are so many other great athletes that compete in the OUA in all sports. Being a student-athlete is challenging, it requires a lot of balance, so I have a lot of appreciation for every student-athlete in every sport at all universities. Personally, my time as an OUA athlete has helped me grow and really learn and see what I want in life, what I need in life and it has really just taught me so many skills that are transferable to all aspects of life, and being involved in sport and also balancing school has been a challenge, and I...but I know that the experiences I have encountered over time have made me stronger and will benefit me in the long run. It has been a blast being a part of University of Toronto Womens Team for five years and being a part of a team is something so special and just sharing those experiences with my teammates through the good and the bad swims is something I'll remember forever. The OUA is an awesome community that allows you to grow in your sport, outside of your sport and allows you to be a part of something really special. So if you have the opportunity to be a part of a team in the OUA you definitely should take it.

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Kylie Masse - OUA Experience - Final - 1

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