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Attack of the Turkeys!

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Welcome to a Thanksgiving Special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe! Why is it always on Thanksgiving, that i have to clean my snowboard!? It gets me so angry! Stupid thing, where is it!? Think thats it! Nope this is it! BOB SAGET!!!!!!!! Well Hi There This is um..A THANKSGIVING SPECIAL!!!! So, it's gonna be a video! It's gonna be funny too! Move out of the way..just..IM MAKING A VIDEO HERE!!!! JEEZ!!!! She..she..she's making me angry!!!!! After I clean my snowboard, I am gonna become a pilgrim and hunt for a turkey. This is the first time i've ever done this. Ever! And I mean ever! A 12 year old boy has never done this in the history of whatever year...pilgrims hunted for turkeys. Do you see im trying to make a video here? Yeah so........yeah. Okay. I am now a pilgrim. As you can see, i didn't really change my outfit. But I got a hat, like the pilgrims used to wear. And a gun, like the pilgrims used to shoot turkeys with. So I think i'm prepared enough. I'm gonna go find myself a turkey. I know there's one right in this area because the sign says, Happy Turkey Day! Eat more veggies please! Oh wow, its not gonna convince me to not get a turkey for myself. Because......ya know........its the way of life. Oops. I can hear one right in this area Can't you hear that? I dont think you can. There's one right next to me Right there. Die Turkey! Why didn't you die? Hello? Hello!? HELLO!!!? Must be one of those invincible turkeys. These one are....hard to kill. Instead, i'm just gonna catch it. I CAUGHT IT!!!! I GOT IT!!!! (x2) I'm eating you for dinner.

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Duration: 7 minutes and 15 seconds
Country: United States
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Producer: RandomVideos46™
Director: RandomVideos46™
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Posted by: randomvideos46 on Nov 25, 2010

im back with a new video and and its pretty cool ya know!

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