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The government allowed my grandfather to control the entire oil/gas/petroleum base I saw humongous canisters with oil, gas and petroleum. The Soviet Union gave an official decree to every citizen of the town of yessentuki. If the nazi's breached the town's defenses then... All of the oil, gas and petroleum should be exploded This was done to leave the nazi's with nothing. It was time to leave I remember the evacuation plan was poorly implemented very few people managed to evacuate We were all patriots, we believed in all that propaganda we assumed we would be back soon. We really did not take the evacuation to seriously Everyone assumed we would be back soon and My grandmother had her doubts and packed all our valuables Then we waited for the buggy. (Evacuation was done by buggy) Me: Whats a buggy Horse and buggy (explanation) When the nazis did come none cared about valuables This is because they just announced in two hours the nazis would come We had a lot of nice stuff. We couldn't take any of it. We gave away some to our neighbor and left The man driving the the horse and buggy said you can come but the stuff stays. my grandma jumped in with me. We brought LITTERALLY nothing except for a jacket for me. Meanwhile my grandpa was blowing up all the oil,gas and petroleum rigs in the whole city he joined back with the evacuation later. He rode a motorcycle out, after finishing the job. Me: The KGB helped him escape Her: Almost Defiantly I was almost in fascist hands here is how it happened. My neighbors were very well mannered intelligent people with a family name of illyanee. They hated jews but they liked us. They suggested a proposition to my grandmother. Leave your granddaughter here and go. When our land will be free of germans come back Answers yes to the question did they know I was a jew. Admits they never ever had to say anything bout telling the nazis because her neighbor were good people We expected them to just be good people anti-semitism was everywhere. It was not something that made us think they were untrustworthy.

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Posted by: danz on Nov 28, 2017

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