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A short introduction to the swedish language

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Hi! last weeks assignment was to create a video. and I have thought a lot about it and it´s qute difficult to figure out what to do so...I decided to make a swedish course just a introduction course to the swedish language, just a short one and quite irrelevant. after this recording a will create subtitles for this so you can read after me, thats the point with this video. so...let´s start. "hello" is just the simple word of "HEJ" you see I´m a man, and "man" in is "MAN" You´re a "man" in english, You´re a "MAN" in Swedish Or if You´re a "boy" you´re a "POJKE" in Swedish. I´m also a human beeing and "human beeing" in swedish is "MÄNNISKA" MÄNNISKA I´ll show you a couple of items and I will first say the correct word in english and after I´ll repeat it in swedish. As you can see this is a watch, and if I say the whole sentence in swedish, "this is a watch" "Det här är en klocka" A watch-"En klocka" This is a Pen-"Det här är en Penna" Pen-PENNA And of course...this is a Cellphone-Det här är en MOBILTELEFON Mobiltelefon-Cellphone An finally...this is a glas - det här är ett GLAS. It´s quite simple with swedish...don´t you agree? And...just to repeat some of the things This is a watch...and a watch in swedish is..."KLOCKA" This is a Pen...and a pen in swedish is "PENNA" And this is a cellphone...and a cellphone in swedish is "MOBILTELEFON" This was all I had to say in this first lesson in swedish And I just will finish it by saying..Goodbye...HEJDÅ Thank you very much

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Duration: 3 minutes and 46 seconds
Country: Sweden
Language: English
Producer: Jan Svärdhagen
Director: Jan Svärdhagen
Views: 480
Posted by: xantippax on May 19, 2008

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