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PreSonus StudioLive Digital Mixer Webinar Part 9 - CCI Solutions

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[♪♫♪♫....................Music playing] Now what we're going to do is turn it over to Ron for some closing thoughts and we're going to take some questions and we're going to give away some stuff! Ron...[Ron Simonson speaking] We've got a couple of questions and we're really running out of time so we're going to have to answer most of them online. But first, somebody wants to know, "If the faders aren't motorized, what happens to them if a fader is moved on the iPad?"

[Rick Naqvi] They wanted to know about fader recall. I'm going to go ahead and take a couple of questions now. All of the faders are completely recallable on the StudioLive. The way that we've handled this is, in the Scene menu, you can decide whether or not you want to actually recall the fader position. So, let's say I wanted to recall the fader position. Right here in the Menu, you just make sure that the fader recall is "On." Then you hit "Yes." Now when I hit "Recall," watch what happens. Now the LEDs right here in the center are actually showing me if that fader position is above or below that recall point. So all I have to do is move the faders to the "Null" position and this allows's just like a guitar tuner. If I go too far, it will be above. If I go below the "Null" position, it'll be below. I just push the faders up to the "Null" position. Once I go all the way across, you know, it takes 20-30 seconds to do, and now I've got that scene recalled and all of the faders are recalled. The Master Fader and the Sub-Group faders are all recalled in the same way. So it's very, very easy.

Okay, we'll take another question here. Is the computer software Windows only or does it work on Macs as well? All of our software is Mac and PC compatible. A lot of people ask about iPads and iPhones and why we don't support Droid. Android. The main reason for that is if you are on a PC computer wise you have to have a compatible fire wire card there's a list of those that's available from our Web site. The reason that we currently only support the iOS devices is because there are a limited number of screen sizes. Whereas on the Droid platform there are 500 Droid screen sizes by all kinds of manufacturers. In order for us to put out product for our customers to have, number one, free, and number 2 very quickly, because again, there's constant new updates. Apple just came out with version 6 software and all of our apps had to be updated. Because we're only dealing with a few screen sizes, we're able to do this very quickly. So, that's the reason.

Okay, let's talk about chaining. Somebody asked about how many mixers? That's probably one of the coolest things about the StudioLive mixer is that it's an expandable system. Now, the 16-channel, 16.4.2, which is the little brother to this, it's kind of the middle child, it's got 16 analog inputs, mic pres. You can slave two of those together and be able to use the computer and iOS devices so you can actually record and mix 32 channels. On the 24 channel StudioLive, right now the max is 24 channels with computer integration. But if you're just looking for a digital mixer, to mix with, you can chain two of these together and have 48 channels across one surface. We even have a side panel on this mixer comes off and we have a transition piece that fits them together. I don't know if you guys are familiar with Brandon Heath? He's a Christian artist. They just took 2 StudioLive 24s out on their last tour, daisy-chaining them together for a 48 channel solution. It works really, really well in that application. Now, the bummer is you're not able to record because you've exceeded the bandwidth of fire wire. However, it works as a 48 channel solution. The 16.0.2, which is our smallest mixer, it doesn't chain. It's not expandable. It basically was designed for very small applications. The chip set that's in it doesn't chain. So, 16.0.2 by itself, either two 16.4.2s can be chained with computer or four can be chained without computer, and then on the StudioLive 24 you can have one with recording and mixing, and then up to two for just mixing.

We probably have time for maybe one more question... and by the way, I guess Ron had already said this, every question that you guys have will be answered by CCI and PreSonus. We really, really appreciate everything. All PreSonus apps can be run simultaneously on one computer connected to your StudioLive? The answer is "Yes." I had VSL running and I had Capture and I had Studio One running and I was going out of this computer wirelessly connected to a router, sending out Wi-Fi using the router. So it's pretty amazing what this whole system can do. Now I'm going to send it back to Ron... and thank you guys for watching.

[Ron Simonson] Already Rick, Justin, fabulous job...loved the demonstration bringing in the band. Everything's fabulous. The Virtual Sound Check, SMAART, everything you demonstrated You know, all of you that want a StudioLive, you can do everything that they just demonstrated at Ring Community Church with the <a href="">StudioLive Mixer</a> and the six free software packages that come with it. <a href="">CCI Solutions</a> specializes in working with churches from do-it-yourself sound systems, lighting systems, video systems, all the way up to the largest worship space transformations that you can imagine with draping and lighting and everything. We just did a fantastic installation at New Venture Church in Oceanside, California, a million dollar project with immerse, video-immersive lighting, it's incredible. We'll be posting more information about that on our Web site so you can take a look at some of the latest, state of the art stuff that's going on in worship centers now. So thanks to all of you who tuned in. Thanks to Rick and Justin and all the crew at PreSonus down in Baton Rouge and Ring Community Church. We appreciate it very much and give us a call if you have any questions at all.

Goodbye from Olympia and Baton Rouge. [♪♫♪♫......................Music playing]

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Rick Naqvi, VP of PreSonus, talks in great detail about fader recall, fire wire compatibility, supported devices (like iPads and iPhones), daisy-chaining and more. One of the most significant bonuses about 16.4.2 StudioLive mixers is that you can slave two of them together, use all your attached IOS devices to record and mix 32 channels.
Ron Simonson, CEO of CCI Solutions closes out this section with a synopsis of all the great work that CCI does for churches doing installations and providing just the right equipment for each church’s specific needs. The winner of the PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 mixer from among the webinar attendees is also announced.

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