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Identity Assurance Sales Play SID

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The identity assurance with Workspace ONE Sales Play allows you to leverage the VMware Workspace ONE integration with RSA SecurID Access modern mobile MFA. Our target, organizations that have deployed or are deploying VMware Workspace ONE and mid-market through enterprise organizations. Organizations are adopting VMware Workspace ONE to deliver and manage any application on any device. Any device means increasing number of mobile devices and bring-your-own device or BYOD programs.

The challenge, insuring the right user’s access to right information across the entire application catalog regardless of the device they're using. Customers need to bridge the user information across desperate environments. They need to ensure that they have maximum visibility and control over who has access to what. Combining VMware Workspace ONE and RSA SecurID Access gives organizations unified application access and a strong authentication solution that spans across all their applications wherever they live. The seamless integration between RSA SecurID Access and Workspace ONE gives IT a broad set of modern multi-factor authentication options for end-users to securely access their apps at their convenience. Organizations can use these options including mobile push to approve or machine learning analytics individually or in combination to ensure the level of security is appropriate to level of risk. Workspace ONE already has some basic authentication capabilities but does not have a machine-learning engine. Machine-learning enables the use of dynamic attributes such as user-behavior analytics to determine risk.

With RSA SecurID Access, organizations can leverage the RSA machine-learning technology to create a baseline of historical access behavior. Machine-learning allows organizations to move authentication from being a static decision to one that is continuously addressed. Organizations can combine machine-learning with Workspace ONE powered by AirWatch, Unified Endpoint Management Technology to gather detailed information about the security posture of their devices. Device information such as jailbroken or unpatched devices are analyzed real-time to allow for quick identification of devices that pose an increased security risk. Three key discovery areas to purse with customers are one, find out if the organization is implementing Workspace ONE and probe to learn how they plan to secure access. Workspace ONE is a collection of Horizon, AirWatch and Identity Manager, so it makes sense to probe about these individual apps on how they are used in the organization. Two, if the customer is looking to use built-in MFA, probe further to understand their use case and whether they are looking for good-enough type solution or they are more security-conscious and aware. If they are security-conscious, articulate RSA’s leadership and reiterate that what VMware does really well is provide access to anything from any device. What RSA does really well is assure that the users are who they claim to be. And number three, help customers understand that they can leverage MFA today with the existing RSA SecurID infrastructure they used with their existing VMware solution.

Learn about their VMware environment and present a holistic solution that covers legacy and modern Workspace ONE deployments. Highlight that they can work from a single RSA platform versus managing multiple MFA solutions Recommend the Premium Package for full identity assurance with the machine-learning capabilities. It provides the highest level of security and convenience. The combination of RSA SecurID Access and Workspace ONE gives organizations holistic visibility with more context, ensuring that only known users and trusted devices get access to applications and data to minimize risks.

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Identity Assurance Sales Play SID

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