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Bose L1 Model II and L1 Compact - Review (Closed-Captioned)

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♪♫♪♫..............[Music playing] Hi, we're here at the Bose booth with Tony Christine and we're gonna talk about the L1 Portable Sound System. It's a fantastic portable sound system, extremely lightweight but great frequency response, all the way from uh, 50 Hz all the way on up because it has a subwoofer system. What makes this really unique, Tony, from what I understand is that a musician can actually sit in front of this and play and not have feedback. [Tony speaking] That's very true Ron. The, uh, the L1 System was originally designed for a musician to potentially take the place of both your PA and the monitoring system. Thus simplifying setup, uh, providing more consistent sound...for not only the musicians performing on stage, but for the audience as well. Uh, but for the house of worship community, we're also finding that the L1 can be really powerful as just a, a loudspeaker system, uh just for front of house. Uh, and the wide and even coverage, the great frequency range that you mentioned... uh, as well as the ability of the product to throw a, a very long distance... without dropping off in SPL levels in the back make it an ideal solution. [Ron speaking] Uh, so this is really a mini line array actually. [Tony] It is. It is. And it operates as a true line source, and, uh, but it is portable. It is self-powered. It's self-contained. So whether you're using it as a primary system, for something like a fellowship hall, or as a, even as a personal sound system for just a musician or small group of musicians, potentially it's a great solution. [Ron] So, since it's a line array, I know I can sit in fron of it with a microphone and an instrument and I'm not gonna get feedback. Is that right? [Tony] Well, you can make anything feedback if you try hard enough...[Ron] Yeah... [Tony] So, yeah, this product's very very resistant to feedback. And again, because it was designed orginally for musicians, uh, you can crank this thing way up, stand right in front of it with an open mic, and be fine. [Ron] Okay. So it looks really big... I mean it's taller than I am. So why do we think this is portable? [Tony] Well, it's much taller than me. But the nice thing is it breaks up into 4 pieces. The array breaks in half. The power stand folds up and the wings fold in. And then the bass module's obviously separate. So you can basically haul this in in two trips, balanced in your arms, and there's nothing here that weighs over about 35 pounds. [Ron] K, so my wife could haul this in to a venue then? [Tony] Absolutely. Or, potentially the L1 Compact, which...29 pounds. You can haul the whole thing in one arm. Set it up in about one minute. And get great sound for a, a smaller room with one loudspeaker. [Ron] Okay, so, Tony, I don't know that I'm a believer in this... Right? You know...I, I've used a couple of these and they sound great, but if I'm not a believer in this, then how to I get to try this out and make sure it works for me? [Tony] Well we're supporting CCI Solutions' "Try It Free" program. And we know that hearing's believing right? And every room's different. Every application's different. So we want to give, uh, people the opportunity to hear it in their own church, uh, the way they use it, with the way they worship, and, uh we, we've got those systems available, both the Model II and the Compact. [Ron] Okay, so somebody just has to give us a call at CCI Solutions. Go ahead and set it up. And we'll send a system out for 'em to try for a week or two and they can see if it works for them. [Tony] Absolutely. And we'd encourage people to do it. Again, hearing's believing. [Ron] Absolutely. Hearing is believing. So from the Bose booth with the L1 Compact and the L1 Portable Line Array System, Ron Simonson. ♪♫♪♫....................[Music playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Jul 20, 2012

Video review of the new Bose L1 Model II and L1 Compact that allow a musician to plug in and sit right in front of them without getting feedback. This system was originally designed to take the place of the combined PA and monitor, simplifying set up and providing more consistent sound for both performer and audience.

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