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Hack for Big Choices is ready to kick off in Africa!

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Hi, I'm Mavis. My name is Winfred Adom and I am a graphic artist. Hi, my name is Kobby. Hi, my name is Jude Bradford Sackey. I'm the co founder for Kananan, it's a market research and consulting company. Hi, my name is Derby and we are intrested in enlightening the youth about Agriculture and Agribusiness oppoutunities. My name is Selasie Agbavor, and I am an embedded systems developer. Hi, my name is Lovetta Hello, my name is Emmanuel and I am a maker, I love to make things. Hi, I'am Ivy Asuo. My interest is more into research and recycling of e-waste and plastics. Hi, my name is Nii Motey I'm co founder of animate Ghana, a team of writers and animators. Hi, I'am Awuranna. The problem is, the Northern part of Ghana is lacking economic development so, I am working on creating a platform to harness solutions to these problems. Hi, my name is Victor and I work at the hub. Hub Accra has traditionally provided space for various innovative activities within the Ecosystem, and we are very excited to host the hack for big choices event. I think that the Hackathon is a good platform to share ideas with startups, businesses to find what's worked for other people and apply them to fledgling businesses. my team and I have currently been working on finding creative ways of teaching kids how to solve some of the little problems in their communities, and so when we got the invitation from Hack for big choices to join the Hackathon we were really excited because we want to be able to explore the other frontiers and you know see how best we can go and how far we can develop the ideas that we have. and I'll like to participate in the Hackathon because, I've heard so much about it and I will like to experience it. I will be at Hack for big choices because I'm interested in finding out about life changing contributions to society that people are doing and how this can be translated into animation for showing to school children and educating them. I'll like to participate in the hack for big choices program to better interact with other problem solvers in my ecosystem. I'm looking forward to creating solutions that will solve problems concerning green and natural living. We are very excited to be a part of the Hackathon that's about to take place, the biggest in Africa, and we hope to meet a lot of brilliant young people to exchange ideas with them, to show them we've been doing over the last couple of months and to see what they have been up to for the last couple of years, Hopefully we can exchange ideas about electronic waste, electronics and the future of recycling electronics in Africa. I look forward to seeing everyone, and then most especially I look forward to the various sustainable solutions that we are going to come up with, to address very important local challenges. and so,we are looking forward to seeing you! there.

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