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Rad On The Web - Episode 54

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what's up people welcome to rad on the web. the website review show that looks at the latest and greatest websites from around the internet. today we have two sites that will help you communicate, share, and learn from others. everybody needs that in this world. come on people work together! also at the end of the show we have a special announcement about the show. you don't want to miss it. its big news! its huge news. so don't be fast forwarding. wait, you can fast forward till the end. dont be stopping it before it's over. first site of the day is for you peer to peer lovers. do you like independent film like i do? im sure you do. this site has independent film written all over it. it's basically a really cool website that features independent film. someone here at mevio showed it to me, and it helps people get their independent movies out to everyone. in peer to peer fashion. the site is called It allows the filmmakers to give their works to this site via torrent. so a quick peer to peer way to get the movie. then it allows the user to donate money to the artist directly. Five, Ten, Twenty dollars or whatever else you want to donate. right there on the page. super cool. using peer to peer technology for good! see peer to peer can be used for good. so definitely check out The content is also very good. I like this movie on the website called Lionshare which is a collection of short films. Also all the content will be better than this movie. garbage day! no! hahaha Well I can't gaurantee the movies on are better than that movie. But I'm pretty sure its better than that. the second website is really for your social media, business, and tech nerds. the site the site highlights news, trends, and tools around social media and web 2.0 Back in 2007 was named the number one site for covering the social web. So that's a big award! I'm gonna do this a lot this episode. ha. This is a reall cool site. My friend David Spark does a lot of posts for the site. And it's not just for the tech and business types, it's also for everyone. There are some pretty great interviews and posts on the site. That get down to core values of what people like and what they don't like. So everybody should check out the site and the posts because they are very good. I might be in one of the videos on the site. Yes I am. That's going to do it for your 2 websites for the week. Bam! it's over. But even though it's over I have a big announcement. Drum roll please. Do we have a drumroll? Rad on the web is going to go daily! Rad on the web everyday is what we're calling it and it's coming very soon. We're probably going to take a week off and then when we come back it's going to be monday through friday. One website each day. We'll bring you some humor and the information about the website each and every day. And we're going to involve you the viewer and get you to help out with the show. Hopefully on a daily basis. So that's going to be exciting. And fun. Until then if you find a website you like tweet at me. send me a message. thats the twitter. and get out of here! get out of here! just go! go on and get out of here!

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Posted by: onawa on Oct 1, 2010

Rad On The Web - A website review show that looks at the latest and greateset websites from around the internets.

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