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LEAD Weekly: BuildingHealthy Relationships - Lilly Tips

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Welcome to LEAD Weekly . Welcome back to LEAD Weekly. Practical tips to help you grow as a leader. We are exploring building healthy relationships, one of the first and most critical skills in the LEADership Pipeline. And today we will hear Tipps from Tipps, as Lily Tipps shares with us ideas for how we can connect with others to build healthy relationships. When I first started working for Back2Back, this was probably one of the things I first worked on. I've always been a kind person that easily relates to everyone but I think that on many occasions I have done it superficially. In the past, I have alway been an obstacle to myself. I didn't want to be vulnerable or open up to others and therefore, I did not want to go deep with most of my relationships. My team has worked hard so that we are a safe place for each other. This has helped us grow in our relationships. I think this has also helped me open up a little more about who I am and how others see me and how I see others. I am really interested in other people's personal lives and I have been deeply interested in knowing what my challenges are as well as what others deal with, without being eager to judge or criticize, but instead to support and help them be better. This has allowed me to see everyone in a different way and to stop myself before saying anything negative. I am seeing not only the action of people, but a little more about the context of their life history, etc. I think about how some people on my team are good examples on how to creat these relationships. Here is what they did for me.... some invited me to spend time with them, or spend time with their families, others invited me to have a coffee, and others just asked me about my day and how I was feeling? How do you REALLY feel today? These are some of the practical things I have done to grow in my relationships. For example, during COVID, we talked on the phone and on Zoom. Even one day, we cooked on a Zoom call, all at the same time. Now that we can go out a little more, I've had the opportunity to go out with people and go skating, have coffee, get our haircut, go shopping together, take our dogs to the beach, and sing to all of the staff moms. It doesn't matter what we are doing or the activity that is being done, this is just a chance to meet and connect with people. What have you done to build healthy relationships? I hope this has encouraged you a bit.

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