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- That's too tricky! - It's time for the other group to come and have their turn in here and make the music, but before you say bye to David-- - I don't wanna do it! - You guys have different ideas. - I don't wanna do it! - You don't wanna do it. - No, I don't want to! - Well, you know what? You all have different ideas. - No! - I hear you Jackson, no! - Jack is extremely sensitive. He's sensitive emotionally, but he's also sensitive to sound and to light and to stimulation level. --down and then when I thought he was ready, I went over, I'm gonna go say hi to Jack, you guys, because I haven't seen him yet today. The first thing I like to do with the children is really just acknowledge what's going on for them. To validate how they're feeling. You don't usually like when things are too different, do you? You kinda like when things are just the same. - I had saw--but movie theaters are loud! - Movie theaters are loud, Do you like loud movie theaters? - No. - No, what, does it hurt your ears when it's too loud? - No, it doesn't, it's just scares me. - It scares you when it's too loud? So what do you do if it's too loud, Jack? - Just go somewhere else that--some movies are very loud. - They sure are. Sometimes I cover my ears if the movie is too loud, have you ever tried that? - No. - No? - Jack's really bright, it was clear that seeing these movie cameras made him think about his movie theater experiences, which, again he's sensitive to sound, so that's not a surprise that that would come right to his mind. - Well, I just turn my head behind. - Well, that's a good idea to turn you head away. Does the classroom ever seem loud to you? Does it seem too loud sometimes? - Yeah. - Yeah? Is that why you come here in a quiet place? - Yeah. - Yeah. Does that help you, Jack? - Yeah. - You really are learning just what helps you! You really are, you figured it out by yourself, You figured out. - Not only was I trying to validate how he was feeling, but I was trying to bring his awareness to what his challenges are to him, to give him a little piece of self-knowledge, So that he knows, boy, loudness is hard for me, what maybe I need to figure out how to help myself. Is that what you do when it's too loud? - Uh-huh, I turn around - You turn around, ouch! - Backwards. - Can I press on you, do you like that when I rub the pillow? - But not harder! - Not too hard, okay, how about just medium? - Alright. - I'll give you a medium press. One message that's really important to give to Jack is that he knows what will help him, because if I fix his problems for him, if I give him the pillows when he needs them, it will work for the moment, but it won't necessarily then work the next time he's uncomfortable.

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