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The comic book superhero THOR, the God of Thunder, is inspired from the old norse mythology of the vikings. The vikings are often portrayed as a barbaric, savage and wild-haired people with horned helmets. But who were they really? Vikings were Norse seafarers from Scandinavia who between the 8th and 11th Centuries raided and traded across wide areas of Europe. Their business included a variety of profitable goods: spices, glass, wool, wine, silk, amber, down and slaves. Their preferred mode of transportation was the long ship, a highly advanced, lightweight and agile boat, designed to navigate shallow waters and avoid ice bergs. With their astute nautical skills, the vikings are said to have discovered America through Greenland and the North Atlantic almost 500 years before Columbus. It is however unclear, whether they made it all the way to Minnesota. It also has to be noted that Vikings did not wore horned helmets. Viking warfare was inspired by Odin, the norse god of war. Vikings had round shields for defense and fought with spears, bows and arrows, knives and swords but their most famous weapon was the battle axe. They used the so-called “dane axe”, which was popular because it could be used not just as a weapon, but also as a common utility tool. Viking axes were constructed that they could be both swung or thrown both with head splitting force. According to Norse folklore it was common practice for a warrior to name their axe usually after a she-troll. Their savage and barbaric reputation might stem from the fact that vikings sometimes sent disordered, frenetic and blood-lusting shock troops into battle. This berserker-state was induced willfully with rigorous amounts of alcohol and the ingestion of hallucinogenic mushrooms — a practice that is being imitated and re-enacted still today.

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