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I want to release a photo collection. Being covered only in kelp is okay. OK, understood. - Can you accept this? - Of course. If this price is not enough, I don't think i will be able to with work Kuwajima-san in the future. [Changing the stage to Okinawa] [Photo shoot begins] Wow, she is a complete embodiment of an idol. Not sure how to say it, but Sashihara-san is completely different from her usual self. She entered a state of mind because of the photo collection, her expressions are really different. As expected, it is a complete opposite. To be honest, I am a bit worried that I had portrayed her poorly in my works. In my works she never shown this kind of expressions. Usually she is not attractive or even ugly in my dramas. Sashihara's Rebellion "Sashihara's Rebellion" is a show in which Sashihara Rino works with all kinds of professionals to challenge several projects, while traveling and messing around everywhere. - Wow, Sashihara is really cute. - Instantly she transformed into an idol. Look, she is imitating that she is leaning on someone all this time. - Have you not participated in photoshoot for a PB before? - Today is my first time. To be honest it is surprising. Next to us, we have cameraman Ono. Even though he is the cameraman for Fuji TV prime-time dramas, - this is probably a new experience for him... - There are no lines. We'll abandon you! - You are done? - We're leaving you behind! - Wow, really strict. Today's Sashihara is really strict. - And calling the shots. We're messing her pace. [Very strict today] What do you guys film? No, not film, but rather what do you talk about all the time? - What are you guys doing? - Commentary. Commentary? And what's with this irritating hat, Aoki-san? I only have this one, honestly. There are holes in it, I can see your scalp! - I can see your scalp. - Right. Looks like my scalp would be spotted. Like camouflage pattern in fashion these days. With Kuwajima-san's touch she looks beautiful even in that insignificant grass. These two behind are commentating non-stop... What are you guys doing? We are serious here! From the look on Aoki-san and Fukuda-san's faces, you guys are not taking this seriously. - We are serious! - No you guys are just messing around! - I admit it! - You actually admit it? Well, it can't be helped. [It seems we are disturbing her] In total how many photos are taken? - A lot. - From those, how many are used? About 10 000 photos would be made, out of which only around 100 would be used. Actually selecting those hundred pictures is a very tedious task. - Who chooses them? - Everyone picks over shots, like "I like this one". First, we make contact print. - There are others as well as the cameraman... - All the photos are printed? Not every one is to be printed. After being narrowed down to about a thousand photos, they will be sent to the designer. Afterwards the editing process can take up to a week. Do you look at each individual photo yourself? When we worked on Oshima Yuko's PB, I looked at her photos every day for two weeks. - From morning till night. - For Aoki-san, that is a really fortunate thing. Really fortunate, even to the point of falling in love a little. - With Oshima Yuko? - Yes. While I was selecting photos, I kept on thinking how cute she is. - It is good that Oshima Yuko is cute, though. - Of course Sasshi would also have many cute photos. That'd be nice. It is always very hard to select photos. - Like this is good, but that is also good... - Yeah that is right. Also, have to consider each costume and pose so they don't clash. "This one or that one" syndrome starts from morning. As of now, they already change five different places. This is only one city. - But they have already shot quite a bit. - Yeah, that is right. Thank you very much. Isn't it already enough for a photo collection? Already? This is only the first set. Looks like many pictures were taken, about two hundred? A one take shooting? Even "Muse no Kagami" drama had more changes. Really. In "Muse" there were two patterns. - I wore t-shirt and that other one outfit. - You talking about the white apron uniform? Looks like many good photos were taken. Yeah, thanks to you. You made such cute expressions. - I am really serious when I work. - That kind of concentration... I am in a working mode! Because we are beside you, I wonder we make you laugh. No, not at all, I don't mind. We want to be considerate. Con-si-de-rate. Considerate. - A rip-off of Christel Takigawa's catchphrase. - You use it cheaply. [Entry of animals] Cute cat. - Do you like cats, Sashihara-san? - I am allergic to cats. - Ah, Really? - But I still think they are cute. - Allergic to cats... - That is really not cute. Ah, that was a great smile. Another one! There are two! So cute! The cat is chasing the light, those are good and pretty rare shots. Sashihara-san, please lay down and get a little closer. This cat is really friendly. - A while ago I wanted to buy a cat. - Even though you are allergic? - But I gave up because there is no way I can love it fully. - That's for sure. But I still really like them. You are not likely to take care of pets. I think they won't be happy living with me. I bet your turtle would die in a week. - Sashihara, "The Turtle Killer". - I am not. Why so many cameras? Yeah, lots of cameras. Each camera captures different side of you. This one is for cute shots. And for vulgar face. Vulgar face. A delivery of vulgar face. ["Sashihara's Rebellion" is the only show where vulgar face can be seen] Photographs are cool. I never thought about it like that. Kuwajima-san isn't very hot blooded and loud. Right! I like that he doesn't shout. - Cute, cute, cute! - OK, good! Seriously, I even cried because I didn't like it. How weak! [Relocation] - It looks like our "Sashihara's Rebellion" had a promising start. - That's good. - I think it will make the fans happy. - Isn't it. Let's try to make this show last five more years. Is it OK to show this face to fans? - If only it was shown in earlier time slot... - That could happen. Let's aim for 23 p.m. time slot! - Let's improve it. - Let's aim for the 23:15-24:15 "new comedy" time slot. Let's aim to be like "Moyamoya Summers 2". Let's make this show family-friendly. "Moyamoya Summers 2" doesn't have much of a risk. It is liked by everyone. - It's really fun. - And easy going. - Okay let's make that show our goal. - Let's change the name to "Moya Sasshi". - That's a rip-off. "For today's show, where're going to Chiyoda City". Something like that.. Change the taste and switch in a host that has sweaty armpits. It will be good if it is like that. - We could reach our dreams then. - Yeah, it would be a blessing to have a show like that. By the way, they say on Internet, that this show is too dark. Dark my ass, it's so pure! 100% of purity! As pure as the water in the Fuji Six Lakes. - Pure like Fuku Suzuki? - I want to show this to Fuku-kun. Are you watching, Fuku-kun? It is Sashiko. Thanks for always sending me hearts in LINE POP game. - Why does he send them? - He sends them really often, right? Always sends me hearts and clovers. [Shooting begins again] [A 100 years old Okinawan residence] [By a stream in nature] [And then a marvelous view] - Wow, this is amazing. - It really is. It's like the heaven is out there. Just gorgeous. In this kind of place any girl will look beautiful. I think that this place with algae farm really suits Sasshi. Not just a regular sea, but the one with the feeling that something is being cultivated. Today we can't hide the fact that we are completely slacking off. I didn't do any work with "East"'s director Nakano-san nor with "Dentsu"'s producer Muto-san. In the last location, I just washed my feet in the river. Didn't even say one word. But there is an unapproachable atmosphere. The atmosphere around Sasshi right now is one that has not been seen before. It would be wonderful if she had that kind of expressions in my dramas. Although there were times where the chances are there, I have not seen this kind of serious expression. - Aoki-san, this will be pretty good PB, isn't it? - Yeah, very... - Sunshine just come straight through here. - It would be really good PB, wouldn't it? - Her time has come. - Yes, she has what it takes. Looking good. Since Sasshi is so into it, Kuwajima-san seems also a little unapproachable. To honest, I have this feeling of "What are we doing here?" - Aoki-san is a supervisor, right? - During the shoot, it does seem like I am not needed. - But you must be close to them. - Right, but I can't approach now. Honestly speaking, it seems like our filming crew is out-of-place. They are unapproachable, right? We shouldn't disturb this kind of atmosphere. Even from here the view is not bad either. The atmosphere is like on movie set. Isn't it good for an actress? This girl would never show this kind of expressions when she is acting. Always making those weird faces. - I am sure Aoki-san can be in those photos as well. -No, that's a taboo... It's unacceptable for fans. If the person is male, even staff is not allowed. - The only ones that are acceptable are grandmas and cats - Grandma and cats? - Also grandpas, though I am grandpa as well. - Grandpas are okay? Why did you end up laughing at your own joke? - Should we try to get closer? - Let's see. [The battle for a closer spot] Here she is, an Election winner. No bad. This has a very good feeling. Facing Aoki-san's camera the expression doesn't seem good. An umbrella was a bit in the way. I am like Milky now: "Since I got my photo collection, I don't need you anymore, Aoki-san". - I'm a stepping stone. - Yeah. - Hey, Sasshi, look! - Ah, a crab! Show us your photogenic side. How you treat well animals. Ah! It came out! This is bad! Should I put it back down? Good! That is good! I feel relieved now. Poor fellow, I am putting it down. Looking at Sashihara being back to usual self, makes me feel relieved. Sasshi, we'll go eat later and I am thinking, maybe we shouldn't have come here? It's more like... I think you didn't come here with work in mind to begin with. You came thinking this work would be a walk in the park. And it's not good, that you're showing me this attitude of yours. I can feel that you guys think "Isn't it OK not to work today?" I can feel it. Really? I was also trying to capture this vague playful atmosphere. I thinking you guys are too relaxed. When Ono-san was wearing an Okinawan t-shirt, I didn't recognize him and greeted, thinking he was a local grandpa. You are too relaxed. I see. Ono-san is indeed looks like local. Too overboard, you guys are just bad. - Honestly, I think your facial expressions are different from usual. - Really? - It's hard for us to approach you. - You and your jokes! They are kind of beautiful... Well, yeah, that's true... Without this expression you have now, it's hard to approach you. Do you want me to have this face while we shoot? [The come-back of black Sashihara] - Let's have a meeting for reflecting at dinner. - OK. But no longer than 20 minutes, please. Tell this directly to "Dentsu" producer Abiru-san. Did you hear, Abiru-san? Film only 20 minutes, okay? Abiru-san will pay for dinner only if we will film it. I want to take off make-up at least for dinner, seriously... Go ahead complain to Abiru-san, just pretend he is standing right there. There isn't anything to complain about, just why he didn't come to the filming location? He couldn't, so he sent him as substitute. Why? What's he busy with? - With various things... - What various things? - What "various" even mean? What a shady excuse... Ah, the sun is setting. Cool! - That is cool! Looks like you are not moved by scenery like these. - Yeah. I don't understand what is so fun about the beach. I don't even know what to do on the beach. I think it awesome and all, but "ocean is so fun!" never crossed my mind. Don't know what to do. The Okinawan sun is setting. What are you guys filming this for? Well, it's not that I mind. Filming it or not is up to you guys, I don't understand what is the footage for. Having this kind of scenery will class up this show. It'll be nice to show beautiful things. Aoki-san have been saying this will be a good photo collection for a while now. Really? But you didn't look a single shot and was not present on a set... I watched you from a distance. In order not to disturb your concentration, Sacchi. Who is Sacchi? I am not Nomura Sachiyo. [Speaking of Okinawa, the aquarium is a must] A LINE message came! - Manta ray has come! - Wow, cool! [They are in a tourist mood again] [An end of the first day] - Thank you for the hard work. - Thanks for the hard work. I think it's going to be a good photo collection. - The weather was really good. - The weather was being nice to us. - I think that the photo collection will sale well. - I hope so. That would make us feel that our work is not wasted. - That's the kind of feeling. - What kind of feeling? We'll do a victory pose too. The way you guys just played around is just wrong. Just fooling around. You thought it's going to be just a vacation, am I right? "Am I right"? [The criticism] - So "Sashihara's Rebellion" group didn't do anything? - That's right. You guys were just joking and playing around. You weren't even filming, just strolling around and soaking your feet in the water. And I thought "What are you doing?" Well, how to say it... We are responsible for a comedy. You were so focused on shooting and tense, so we felt we shouldn't disturb you. Seriously... You are so frivolous... - That's what we thought. - Yeah, right. We didn't come here just to eat tasty food. I think you guys did come here for that. But you questioned yourself, if you even need to be here. That's true. We were relaxing today. Right? I've noticed it, just didn't say it out loud. But since you admit it, I would really like to know, what did you come here for? - Right... - I just was considerate and didn't ask. It's better for you to return to Tokyo and continue writing script. Actually Ono-san has been very busy lately. What drama are you filming now? - The one with Fukuda-san. - Ah, with a member of "Kis-My-Ft2"? You should seriously write that script, instead of being here on Okinawa. "Kis-My-Ft2" member is probably thinking, why are you so late with the script? Looks like that. No wonder. That's why you should hurry up and write it. Kitayama from "Kis-My-Ft2" would probably cry from happiness, if he'd hear that. Honestly speaking, I worked on Fukuda-san's dramas and I must say... It is tough! Seriously. But it's fun! To go on location and do nothing. That's what a vacation is called. Isn't it? It is really enjoyable work of just going to location and observing. Because it's not work! That explains it. But compared to us, that baldy over there, has done even less. That's what I was curious about too. He really has done nothing! A person from "Dentsu" has specially flown in this morning. What was the point without working? Will this first Okinawan episode be okay? I am sure he thought there will be work. We also didn't even took a script with us. Didn't think there will be so little work. Surprising! You are slow realizing it. I am the one who is surprised. Starting tomorrow, "Sashihara's Rebellion" team will bring you a wonderful surprise. [Will work starting tomorrow] What will you do tomorrow, what you could do today? There'll be an amazing development. We can prepare some pranks for you. Eh, no thanks. There is no need for pranks. Since you've told about it, I'll be suspicious from now on. Look forward to it. Okay then, we should just enjoy our meal today. I want you to do something today. Okay, we can do a wake up prank tonight. Please don't, seriously. You can relax, I don't think anyone wants to do it anyways. Nobody will profit from it.

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04 ran

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