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LEVI - Series 1 of Life prior to San Fran

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(Sounds of Street/Siren) ♫Music Playing♫ Paramedic: What do we got? Officer: We got a possible 1056A. Yea, we got the call to. A possible missing persons report. Let's see what we got. Follow my lead... Whoa. Wait. Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. Why don't you knock on the door first? SFX: Knock Hello! Anybody home? Now, we can just wait for a minute. SFX: Door opens Or we can do that...Cops. Hello! Anybody here? Hello? Go check the bathroom. You're the one that knocked the door in first. I think you shoud go check first. Paramedics. Hello? Anybody here? Hello? SFX: Shower Dripping God damn it. What is it? Ahh. Fuck! A suicide. This is Officer Brecken. We have a full response situation on 1110 11th Street. Now we're going to to have to wait for CSI and investigations. Now, I'm going to have to do this assholes paperwork all day. I had a tee time on one. God! What kind of moron kills himself with a toaster! Of all things! Hey, you seeing what I'm seeing? A dead guy with a toaster. What you see a donut in there? No (frustrated). You...Look at his...he has a baby...he's got a baby's dick. You know my pinky has more girth than that. I'd kill myself too if I had a penis that small. Hey, do you think he could even get that into a woman's vagina? I mean would she feel any penentration? You know next to the nut sack. It kind of looks like a sad clown. A sad clown with an inverted nose. Let me ask you a question. Professional opinion. When you die, does your penis just shrink? In fifteen years experience, I have never seen a penis just shrink post-mortem. Not even when it's cold? I'm talking swimming pool water cold. Not even when it's really cold. No, what this man is suffering from is an incredibly small penis. It's what we in the business call BDS or...Baby Dick Syndrome. Huh! MUSIC: Ukelele Sounds Aloha Fellas. When can I do for you? Can I get two Mai Tai's? Coming right up. Dude, you're kill me here. There no one else here wearing a shirt like this in this place. You all right man. You look fine. Seriously man, you just take your wedding ring off? Yea, this thing is a walking cock blocker man. Yea, because you're married. I know this jerk off. I'm trying to set you up here. Plus, if women see this thing they'll bail. It evens the playing field. You'll proably do better if you leave it on. Woman love a guy that's already attached. Relax man. I'm know what I'm doing here. But what if one of them likes you more than me? Don't worry about. I'm going to take care of you. Plus, if one them like me more than you, I'll get their number too. Why? You going to call her? Nah, I wouldn't. Are you worried that Dana is going to find out about all this ? I'll throw the number away. I don't know man. Seems like kind of a risk. Stop stressing man. I know what I'm doing here. Two mai-tais. Ma Holo Would you stop fucking stressin'? Hey. Look at those girls over there. My 3 o'clock. No, that's 6 o'clock. My 3 o'clock. There! Yea.... You like what you see? Yea. I mean they're hot. Let's go talk to them. Whoa. No. No, no, no... No way. Look at this Mr. Single Asshole. You should be talking to women like that everyday. You keep acting like this, you gonna be running up on creeper status zone will real quick. Plus, you one of the few lucky ones that actually got their balls back, man. We not all as lucky as you. I don't know man. It's been awhile. I just can't walk up to a girl sober. Let's drink a thousand more of these and see what's up. All right buddy, let's get you some of that liquid coinfidence. Cheers to that shit. ♫Lounge Music♫

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Posted by: rickyamell on Mar 22, 2018

The films "LEVI", "SIMON", and "DEREK" are 3 short films written and directed by Ricardo Luis Amell. Each short film follows the lives of the characters (all played by Jason. A. Drago) Simon, Derek, and Levi and their lives prior to the feature “SAN FRAN”. "SAN FRAN" is currently being produced for 2017. For more insight into what the vision and direction behind "SAN FRAN" watch a special message from the director, Ricardo Luis Amell. (

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