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The Power of Kabbalah with Eitan Yardeni Hi everyone. Today we are coming to the final session of Power of Kabbalah 3. And the subject that we're gonna study about and learn and try to be inspired about will be the whole concept of becoming a channel. Becoming a channel. In Hebrew the word, desire, you say [Hebrew]. That's how you spell desire [Hebrew]. And the word pipe, or conduit or channel, is the same letter exactly but we call it [Hebrew]. You just change the sequence of the letters. When we speak about [Hebrew], desire to receive for myself alone, is desire with a bottom. It's a vessel with a bottom. It's all go be, go to me. A pipe, a channel a conduit represents a vessel without a bottom. The bottom is open. The energy keeps coming and flowing. So the idea, all the purpose in our life, is to transform from being a vessel with a bottom [Hebrew]. To become [Hebrew]. A vessel with no bottom. That I become receiver for the sake of sharing. If we're looking at the bigger picture. Of what's our purpose in life. Is to become a channel and a unique channel for light for others. When we speak about spiritual work and going to the next level and elevating from my inner light to surrounding light and using tools, Ana Bekoach, Zohar, cosmic opportunities to access the light, to bring more light. That's great but the ultimate goal, is what? To become like the Light and to become like the Light in our life is becoming a channel. Becoming a conduit. When we speak about our tikkun. Very often we speak about the negative things we need to overcome. The egos we need to transform but huge part of our tikkun also is the good that we came to channel. And very often, as Karen Berg said it recently, very often we so caught up, I have to change this, I have to change that, I have to change the other one and that ego and that laziness and that issue, that insecurity, that fear, that's great and meanwhile I'm not spending enough time channelling then energy, the good that I can channel. Because correction doesn't happen just by me fixing the bad. It's by channeling the good. Actually there is a study. In companies, that wanted to improve, they brought consultants to improve the company to go to the next level. And they realise in each company there will be the part of the company that's functioning and pretty good and the part that is not functioning well at all and whenever a companies spending energy and resources just fixing the bad it will not grow the company like if the company will spend most of their energy making the good, better. Making the good better actually will help them indirectly to fix the bad. So what today I would like to focus is connecting to the idea of, how can I become more of a channel? How can I take bigger responsibility in my life outside of myself. Especially in the world that we live in today. The first concept I want to address. Is why the kabbalists call it [Hebrew], a channel, or a conduit. What's so important about it? If you look at a typical pipe that is open from the top and open from the bottom. This represents, that pipe that conduit, represent a pure vessel. What is a pure vessel? When the top is open it's indicating, I know that all the blessings in my life are coming from the light. My money, my joy, my strength, my wisdom, my protection, my talent, my mind coming from the light of the Creator. That's representing the top is open. The bottom is open, representing that everything that I get need to be channeled for the sake of sharing and not for myself alone. And what I came to do in this world is to be a conduit is to be a channel but what makes me unique? What makes me unique? Each one of us is a unique channel. Each one of us is a unique conduit for energy for improvement of the world in our own unique way. One of our biggest problem. We don't see ourself as someone that's responsible for others. Rav Ashlag in his chapter, in the book Wisdom of Truth, called mutual responsibility. Speak about the idea that when we talk about love thy neighbour as yourself, really eventually it comes down to what? To each one of us developing collective responsibility. And big part of the study of Kabbalah is getting us to the place of collective responsibility. Working on myself in many great ways. But to feeling that collective responsibility and to do what I can to channel energy as part of my collective responsibility. In the world that we live today, we are blind if we don't see that everything is connected. More and more and more. Everything became global. If it's global internet, global media global economy, global warming, global politics, global wars, global financial situations, we cannot escape anymore. We're all connected. An earthquake in one place in the world affecting all of us. The world becomes smaller and smaller. The world becomes more transparent. Cannot hide anymore. Information is revealed and it will become more and more. And the world will become smaller and smaller and smaller. So by me thinking I'm just gonna work on myself spiritually and everything will be fine. Maybe in the past it worked that way. It cannot work in the bigger picture. Connecting to the Light is connecting to reality. The Zohar tells us a story about a person, 2 people in a boat and one decided to dig a hole under his own floor. And the friend tell him, what are you doing are you crazy? What's going on with you? And the friend answered, what do you care? It's my spot. And you know, both of them will drown. The boat will sink. When it comes to life, when someone else in another country or in my own city or neighbour doing some negative things who have no awareness who don't feel we're in the same boat. My friends we are in the same boat. Even in the past we spoke about the spiritual lesson as a theory today we we see it's actually the fact. We are in the same boat. And true consciousness is connecting to the collective responsibility and knowing that if my friend or strangers or other people outside of my globe do not have the consciousness of change and transformation if they are sinking, I am sinking. Go back to the holocaust. Or to other major calamities. You can not say that every body was bad, that's the reason that it happened to them. But collective consciousness did not permit protection. Of course many righteous people also left the world and suffered because when it comes to collective consciousness even though some people are great between them and themselves the collective energy effect us, effect our globe, effect the masses. I'm not interested, just I would like to change. If I want real protection in the world that we live in I need to bring myself to a place of collective change. A true student of Kabbalah is also a leader. I'm a follower but I'm a leader. A leader, I'm not speaking about ego and taking control. A leader of assuming that consciousness of I have responsibility. Waking up in the morning, is not just my issues my days, my challenges, I'll be a little spiritual to handle things better. That's great for the beginning. It's about what difference I come to make. To inject in this world. Not from ego. Not from being better than others. It's my own opportunity. What's different? Very often we are in front of people, that really respect us, and our words will make a big difference and we don't view ourselves that we are really channels. We view ourselves just as insecure. We're too stuck about what's wrong in my life. There are time to fix my issues and there is time to actually assume the responsibility of a channel. That's what I'm doing making a difference. We live in the world that if in the past we didn't see it, the whole idea of quantum and the whole idea that every action effects change globally it's even scientifically clear in our time. We can not run away from it. So let's ask yourself a question. How much time in the course of the day, we truly focussing on please help me to channel energy to make a difference, to affect change. How much? Not much. Even when we are giving to others, it's about doing the right thing. Having the merit, being so many years with The Rav and Karen so many spiritual connection. So many times speaking to world leaders. So many times dealing with some ceremonies, The Rav and Karen would look at this as let's infuse energy in the world. What we do now is affecting change in the world. Isn't that too presumptuous? And too much ego to think, wow, now by us marrying a couple, now by us visiting a sick person now by us talking to a world leader we are affecting change in the world. It's not. It comes from desire to help. It's not coming from ego. When we think, I'm too small, I'm too humble, I have a big ego how can I make a difference? That's of the ego. There is time to be humble. There's time to think that I'm not entitled nothing. And there is time to assume responsibility. It's not from ego, it's not from entitlement. That I am making a difference. And it doesn't mean the next day because I made a difference in the world or in someone's life, I am actually more entitled. For people treating me certain way, that's become an ego trip now. I need to define the difference. It's time to be a channel and it's time to work on my ego, myself and my issues. We don't like to assume this role. Our ego tells me, no who am I to do it? You know why we are saying, who am I to do it? Because we don't want to take responsibility. Because we just want to work on ourself. If you look at what's really missing in the world. What's really the main thing that's lacking today in the world? What is the main thing that's lacking? Consciousness. Consciousness cause everything. If we take level of consciousness say 10 levels of consciousness. The lowest level of consciousness is victim, is desire to receive for ones self alone is thinking small, thinking about myself, fragmentation, blame, hurt, reactivity, selfishness and the highest consciousness is taking responsibility, thinking quantum, certainty beyond logic, I want to do what the Light wants me, channelling, you know, giving beyond the comfort zone, that is the highest consciousness. 1 is the lowest. 10 is the highest. The most reactive one. The least reactive, very proactive thing. In our own life, when we'll be closer to the lower consciousness what time of life would I have? Of course filled with chaos. Reactivity, victim consciousness, that projection will attract reality into my life. Now let's look collectively. What would you say, if 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest, what is the collective consciousness of the world? We'll put all the people's consciousness, the way we view reality, the way we view ourself, the way we view life, purpose, meaning. What would be the collective consciousness in the world? What would you say? What would be the number? 1.5? 1.8? 2.2? Maybe. So how do we expect the world to be in a better place? What's causing our world to be filled with chaos or filled with light and order? Is the collective consciousness. According to the Kabbalists, the number 1 priority, that the world needs help. Is elevating the consciousness of the world. What can I do? How can I be a channel in my own way, to affect the collective consciousness in the world? Of course helping the poor, is helping and making a difference. Of course assisting people to learn language, assisting the world with medicine, assisting the world with research of certain disease of course all these things are positive but if we want to go to the root level what's causing chaos? And what's causing order? The root seed level, is low consciousness. I can all the medicine and the cure for all the sickness in the world. If the consciousness still will be low, we'll attract more disease and more sicknesses. Because that's the 99% cause. So the question we need to ask ourselves as Kabbalah students, that already went to a certain level, you wouldn't be in Kabbalah 3 if you would not believe in the concept and adapt them in your own life how can I take myself to be a bigger channel? A bigger channel, without ego. From a place of responsibility to spread consciousness of Kabbalah. To spread consciousness of shifting other people's consciousness. What can I do to become a channel? And that's the first question. Because at the end of the day working on ourself is for the sake of doing good. You know there's 2 parts in the spiritual work. Remove the bad and do good. But if it's just about remove the bad, remove the bad and working on myself and I'm not channeling good, what's the point? How can I be a channel? How can I take responsibility and maybe create another study group? How can I take responsibility to open another little Centre? To open another little intro, Best Kept Secret? How can I take responsibility to connect other people to the Light? There's nothing bigger then connecting other people to the Light. According to the Zohar portion Terumah verse 41, when a person chase another person, when a person chases another person to help in to change and to transform there is nothing bigger than this. Because the root cause of helping people is helping them with transformation with their consciousness. But that's not our daily goals. Our daily goals are based on our responsibilities that society writing for us. It has to start to be different. The responsibility has to be proactive based on what my consciousness knows is the right thing. Not based on what is required from me. The job, the bills, the family, the friends the things that I'm being asked to do. That's reactive responsibility. True responsibility is understanding, the only way I can take care of myself is if I am taking care of the quantum. And what is really taking over the quantum? How can I assist? Some people are great in actually teaching. But teaching is one part. Doesn't mean if I'm not a teacher I'm not spreading Light. Can be a big ego trip to teach. Other people just organising and leading and facilitating a lecture facilitating and organising to be a lecture. Other people helping in publications. In spreading the wisdom through books, through internet. And some people are asking yes but I'm trying and I'm not sure what's the right thing to do. I want to tell you about something from my own experience. The fact that you want to be a channel to do good, it's great but doesn't mean you are going to do it. If we believe that satan is a true force in this world he will do everything in his power to block us from being a channel to spread good. All of us will dream to be part of changing the world. To be part of affecting change globally in the world. All of us will dream. But I need to earn it. I need to work for it. I need to understand that part of becoming a channel and part of finding my real match because at the beginning you just do things but eventually if we work hard enough we'll find what we truly being born for. What is our unique purpose in making a difference in other people's life? I need to earn even to become a giver. The fact that I want to give doesn't mean it will be handed to me. Because being able to make a difference in people's life I need to fight for it. I'm not going to wait and somebody's going to ask me. Sometimes, even in the Centre, I'll decide I want to volunteer in certain idea because I believe it's going to make a difference and I become frustrated that things don't go my way exactly. Then it was not so organised so quitting, forget about it. But it's not let's do a project to change the world. It's part of my responsibility, my tikkun to become a channel for my tikkun, I need to help and make a difference out there. So I need to fight for it. I need to find different ways to connect, to express my energy. If I'm going to be, every time I feel a little rejection and things didn't go in an easy smooth way, I'm going to quit. So I didn't earn the merit. To be a channel to make a difference. To add value in this world. To spread the Light. Kabbalistically, the main goal of satan, to prevent and try to stop spreading the the light of Kabbalah in the world. Because satan knows that's his knock out. So you think satan will let me so easily? Yes, I want to help and everybody is supporting me and telling me thank you. No. I have to earn it. I need to fight for it. I need to fight for it. That's the real change. You know, you've seen many volunteers many teachers, many chevre, the Rav and Karen, it's not just, I would like to be a chevre, I would like to be a channel and the light allows me to do it. We need to fight. We need to go through challenges. We need to go when we don't feel like. When we don't get any support. I need to fight and to push. That's what true vision is. I want to be a channel. Are you willing to go through some purification? Because if you truly want to be a channel, without ego, to help others you need to undergo some tests. As the Rav Brandwein, in the book Education of the Kabbalist, as the Rav's sharing told the Rav, anybody that is involved truly to spread the holy teachings of Kabbalah in the world, will undergo a test. Will undergo a test. Will be judged. Will be humiliated. Will be stopped. Will be laughed at. Why? Because to become a channel I need to purify myself. Purifying myself, my ego has to go through a time it doesn't get what it wants. Has to be. If not, everybody will become a channel. We came to this world to earn the light and being a channel to spread light to help others is the highest degree of connecting to the light. So of course I have to have oppositions. But that's a difference. I am just studying intellectually Kabbalah or I am a true student of Kabbalah? And true student accepting upon himself the responsibility of spreading what I am getting. But of course spreading can be just telling to some people and spreading is assuming bigger responsibility. Going to the next level. It's not easy. It's not easy. It's a war. It is a war. If I truly want to make a difference, I have to understand it has to be a war. Satan will do everything in its power to try to prevent me. Its part of the rules of the game. Especially the soldiers of the Light. Soldiers of the Light. Are those that want to be part, and we're speaking about the teachings of Kabbalah, soldiers of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. I want to be one of the soldiers. I want to be one of the channels. It sounds great and easy and maybe there's an amazing time but there's testing time. There are testing times. There's a time that things will not exactly make sense to my ego and to my logic. But am I there for the short run or the long run? Am I there just to feel good? Or to truly open myself and making a difference. Especially when it comes to the higher level of making a difference affecting change collectively. Part of becoming a channel and part of growing to that level is developing a sense of feeling others outside of myself. When I'm feeling only myself, I'm not connecting to the collective. My ability to affect change is limited. So part of that process, of being a channel and helping and fighting and overcoming rejection and not caring what people think and stretching myself more and going against my fears and going against my laziness and going against my doubt until gradually I'll develop a sense of what truly my gifts in this world, in what way I came to make a difference. It's a war. In the process, it's a war. It's a tremendous fight but if I want it all as the Rav always would say, do you want it all or do you want to settle for less? You want to settle for less? Go small. Study a little bit, be a little spiritual, a little meditation, everything is amazing. If that's what you want. Or you want it all? You want really to expand your consciousness, you want your surrounding light. You want to expand your vessel, you want to effect real change? So simple to say, I'm just a grain of sand. Who am I to make a difference? It's an easy way out. It's an easy way out. Same way the ego tell me, I'm entitled, I'm better than everyone. That's the same ego that will tell me I'm a nobody how can I change? In front of our eyes we see simple citizens affecting all countries. To good or to bad. We see YouTube without any promotion getting to millions and millions of people. People that were totally unknown, everybody knows them. One person makes a difference consciously or subconsciously. Even if nobody knows about it. As the Rav Ashalg sesame seed analogy. Rav Ashalg is saying that global transformation happens, it's like life is like a scale. We have in the two sides of the scales sesame seeds. The positive actions and the negative actions. Eventually each sesame seed is the one that is changing the whole balance. Each one of us, each one of our actions is one sesame to the scale. That one eventually will tip and will transform the entire world. That one is the one that we're doing now. The Zohar is saying that especially before Mashiach comes before time of immortality, before the collective transformation it will be time of darkness. That it doesn't seem to be that I'm feeling the Light. Especially before revelation of the Light and collective change we will not feel right away the immediate ramification of our good work. It's part of our test. It's time of the night before the day. The night represent, I'm doing good but I don't feel the results. I know the results but I don't. But those are the true soldiers, the Zohar tells us. The soldiers who push when they don't see results. They know there's enough little miracles, there's enough certainty but I don't necessarily get that huge powerful result my ego wants to get and to see. And the huge recognition from above. I'm not necessarily. But that's where we are today. We are in a threshold of collective change. The change toward the good. It's our opportunity to be part of effective collective change. Of course our ego will make us feel nobody and makes no difference but go back to quantum physics to tell us that each one of us is making a huge difference. When there's no awareness and no consciousness and no intention the difference that we are making is negative. How can I start to assume responsibility to be a greater channel for others? There's time to work on my ego. There's time to do good and to thank the light for allowing me to do so. And in that process I will have to fight. I will be tested. Do we want to take the next level? And that's basically summarising what Kabbalah 3 is about because we started with the whole idea of what is true cleaving. Uncompromising desire to grow and to cleave. Not just for the sake of pleasing society, not being ethical, being truthful to myself. To the idea of building a true desire for the light, for growth, for connection. To the idea of of seeing a bigger picture. Seeing the bigger picture, as far as the reincarnation, the journey of our soul. That no matter what our soul will get there. There's a metaphysical force that will get us, our job is to speed up the process. To understand that there's a fight between the inner and the surrounding light. And no matter what, eventually, the surrounding light will win. But I want to allow the Light to push me to the idea that we spoke this time. At the end of the day what is really the desire of our soul in this world? To be a channel. Each one of us has unique gifts, huge soul, holy powerful soul. Doesn't sound an ego? It's ego to think I'm better than others. To know my soul is holy, it's an extension of the Creator. Don't shy from it. Doesn't mean overnight I'm becoming a master or this or that. The idea is, there's time to see what's wrong with me, there's time with confidence to do the best that it can be and gradually develop myself to be a channel. What can I do today to take more responsibility? To give more of my time and my energy and my effort and my commitment to make a difference outside of myself. If it works for me, it works for others. Ask myself where was I a year ago, 2 years ago, 5 years ago? So many people around me that I'm judging that where they are today I'd probably was in a worse place 5 years ago. Ask myself this question. How can I be a channel to go down and to touch them? Thank you very much everyone.

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