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Ibtisam Mahameed - The Role of Women in Peacemaking

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Up until now, we saw only one woman among peace negotiators, namely Hanan Ashrawy, on the Palestinian side. Here in Israel, there are no women among Israeli peace negotiators. I say that women must have a great role at the heart of peace negotiations, in order for us to be able to sign a serious agreement. Women have a role in it. This role shall be a political and social one, a role in determining the points of a peace agreement. The woman is the mother, the sister, and the wife. She loses her sons, husband and brother in wars. She has a vital role in the peace-making process. A man always depends on a sense of strength, the language of domination, the desire to enforce his own laws over a woman. She is able to see many things at the same time. A woman has what's called the "womb." She hears her children in this womb, then carries them between her arms. She pays an expensive price as a result of losing her son, husband and brother in war. A woman can do well in the peace-making process, and she is able to initiate dialogue more than a man. A man doesn't think of the future. He doesn't know what can happen to the next generations. His ultimate concern is how to fully control the situation, even through war. But a woman al ways calls for mutual understanding and negotiation. War is usually the last option for her. Even with this last option, she has no such way of thinking. First, it is not new for women to participate in the peace-making process. Deep in history, the names of Sarah, Roti and Nomin were mentioned in the Gospel. Many other women were also mentioned in the Gospel. We can find women at the heart of the Torah. She is also found in the Islamic principles. Among those, there were Fatemah Al-Zahraa, and Khadijah, who played a great role with the Prophet, peace be upon him. There were many other well-known women, too. We will proceed in this way, believing that every woman is able to give and to create a new atmosphere of mutual understanding among people, in addition to mutual understanding among families, in the streets, and among countries where they live. This is called voluntary efforts and religious activities. We have, in the Islamic doctrines, the Medial, the Sufis, the Islamic Missionary and Islamic movement. All these belong to the Islamic doctrines. They are based on Islamic principles. They are subdivided branches, but they all are built on the same methodology. This is my religion, as a Muslim, Arab woman. I believe that every woman has to assume power herself, in cooperation with a man, since he is her son, husband and brother in her life. If men and women unify themselves to achieve their aims, this will be better than working separately. There are many ways through which we can work together to draw a straight line on a level land of love and mutual understanding. I say that the word Jihad is, for me, to strive as a woman with a new vision to create wider horizons. This way, we can implement the correct methods and tools of " peace" instead of war. This can be accomplished via building a bridge of peace to the other party. As a Palestinian, I can build a bridge of peace between me and the Israeli citizen. I should meet peace negotiators and add the points I want to settle with the other party, not to let negotiators decide this alone. Together with men, we can design this plan. It is so hard for me to work alone, just like men. But together we can reach a common goal.

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