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I watched Ariadne's video. I am very anxious about whether she's OK. Be that as it may, I can't understand several points. She ran personal labyrinths, and remembered herself and her family, and she said her seeing made worlds collapse, but is it possible? If it's possible, why did such a thing happen? I think the Codex didn't write that running personal labyrinths too many times makes worlds collapse, but Mr. Hunt made warning about it --- does this mean he knows something? But, if what she saw is real, I think nothing is more sad than this. She must be really sad, and no wonder she got confused. But I don't know whether what she saw is real. And, if it's real, although I might be exacting, we can't change things bone by. But we can create the future. I don't think it benefits Ariadne if she gives up her mission. We should see what's happening and why it's happening, and, if what she did made other worlds go to Neopangaea, there might be a method to minimize the damage. I think it's important now to make her quiet and calm, but I think she's not in a state for listening to others, so I have no idea what to do with it. I might have a brother. Considering what the examiners said during my interview, I seem to have a elder or younger brother, I think he was adopted for the mission, but that he's gone out of the way ... well, I think he's gone to Theo's side. I had thought Theo is on the bad side, but I think they were right that they warned Ariadne to Stay Blind, so is it possible that we are on the bad side who are trying to make worlds collapse, and that Theo is on the good side who are stopping it? If I really have a brother and if he is on Theo's side, I want to hear directly Theo's purpose and their thoughts. Now I have no idea what is right or who is right, but I want to hear opinions from different people to have balance, so please let me know your opinion.

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Posted by: nazonazonoriko on May 21, 2008


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