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Case Study Thomas (Mod 15)

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>> Hello. Welcome to this module's case study. Let's review the steps for what we're doing with case studies during this part of the course one more time. One, we'll recap previous session notes that relate to this module's coaching strategy. Two, we'll provide a mock exercise completed by this week's case study. And three, we'll ask you a series of questions that you'll answer on the Case Study Challenge handout in your Learning Center, which you'll hopefully share in the Facebook group. This module focuses on the value of self-compassion and how you can help clients let go of internal struggles that fuel negative and unhelpful relationships with food and with themselves. Remember Thomas? Let's go through the three steps. One, recap, Thomas follows a strict diet and exercise regimen to feel good about himself. He doesn't let himself indulge very often. He's very stoic. As he puts it, he's not an emotional man. He feels like he has to prove himself around his family. He has always worked hard to fit into his father's version of a strong man, and he feels like, overall, he failed. He's rigid around food, as well as in other areas of his life, and he gets very frustrated with himself when he eats foods on his off-limits list. He has struggled with self-confidence throughout his life. He has many self-judging thoughts around food. Two, mock exercise, in your Learning Center, you'll see an exercise called Should, Could, Will. Thomas's Should, Could, Will exercise is included after the blank version that you can try yourself. Three, apply, using the material from the recap and mock exercise, complete the Case Study Challenge in your Learning Center. If you're feeling brave, take a photo of your completed handout and send it out in the Facebook group so that we can support each other. Until next time.

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Case Study Thomas (Mod 15)

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