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Discover Kabbalah Part 2 Class 4 : Rav's Video on Scanning

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I'm reading now from *mem gimel* [Hebrew] he's going on a verse previously mentioned [Hebrew] How do make this arousal? Of the upper realm. How do I make that connection? Says the Zohar. Like we've discussed before. Only with the holy names because the holy names have with in it the ability, as they appear in this Zohar when this book is closed the sefer is closed. It is in potential. The moment I see it with my eyes, I have activated it. I have activated what? As we learnt, from the Zohar, that the [Hebrew] the Hebrew language is not just a language. Like French, German, English, that are there for the specific purpose of communication and more times than none, misinterpretation. 'Cos I didn't understand exactly what he was saying. He didn't hear exactly what I was trying to tell him and so on and so forth. When you use the Hebrew language the [Hebrew], the letters of the Hebrew language are already encasing the light of G-d. Already. But as long as I don't activate it, how do I activate it? By studying it. Verbalising the letters. Even to the extent, says the Zohar, even of scanning the letters. Just the idea of scanning the letter, says the Zohar, creates the arousal in the letters. What arousal? Arousal of the light of G-d. Now I've made a contact, now I'm connected. Continues the Zohar, says Rabbi Shimon [Hebrew] right now [Hebrew] What I, what we are reading here, is only through the [Hebrew] that Rabbi Shimon, in his generation, received this information. Which was never revealed before [Hebrew] And only because of the [Hebrew] of Rabbi Shimon's generation who were involved, obviously, in one, one study The Zohar. That will sustain the world [Hebrew]. [Hebrew] [Hebrew] What did he want to tell them? Stand on your feet. That means that when you are involved with the root of the letters and the names you can stand in this world. Stand in this world. You will not be effected by this world.

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