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Captioned 8-02-09 Children's Devotion, Zion Ev. Lutheran, Torrance, CA

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Pastor Dave telling the children about a man who walked from CA to KY on stilts! On stilts? All the way from California to ... Kentucky. On stilts! Yeah. That was a long way. Remember we talked about skiers? And water skiers and snow skiers. A lot of people like to be active and they like to exercise and do a lot of things. In our Purple Bag there's going to be something this morning that is necessary for anyone who wants to be an athlete. And anybody who wants to be a Champion for Jesus. Who would like to look in the Purple Bag to see what we have this morning? Let's let ... A. J. ----- Pastor handing over the Purple Bag to A.J. What is it, A.J. ? A water bottle? It's a water bottle! Why is water so important if we're gonna be an athlete? If you're gonna be a champion? Tegan? So you wanna be hydrated. What's so bad about dehydrating? I like raisins. They're dehydrated. Right? Caleb? Caleb says: If you dehydrated for a few days then you'd die? That's right! We need water to live ... and when we exercise and when we participate in sports, we sweat and we get rid of a lot of our water from our bodies. So when we get done we always have to drink some water. That why it's a good thing even on a hot day, when you're out in the sun, to make sure that you're drinking water. Water brings us refreshment. It's very good and it replenishes the things that we need in our body. Today we're gonna talk about a time when Jesus taught His disciples and the people and brought them together to Himself to replenish them. He didn't use water, but He used His Word. He wanted the people to find some rest in Him, to hear His Word so that they would be able to live eternally in heaven with Him live in the forgiveness of sins that He was going to bring for them and live to the glory of God. So today we're going to remind ourselves how important it is to spend time with God, to spend time with our Lord in His Word. It's just as important to us as drinking water. Because we need that to keep our faith alive and to keep it strong and to keep it healthy so that we will remain Champions for Jesus until He comes to take us home. So does anybody have any questions, for this morning's devotion? Nope? Then you guys can go back to your moms and dads and we'll join together in our sermon hymn.

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Posted by: hischild on Aug 8, 2009

In this Closed Captioned devotion with the children, Pastor Dave discusses how important it is to replenish our body with water and how important it is to nourish our souls with God's Word in order to remain strong and healthy.

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