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History of Universe 1: 350 Billion years ago - MAN existed

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Heaven's Process 1 - 350 Billion Years Ago (Veno) Hi everyone, this is Veno. and I'm here to talk about, heaven's process. Give you guys some 'perspective' regarding the process, we have (laugh) gone through the past, two and a half year which is more like.. two 'billion' years! I'm starting..a long long 'time' ago. '3-50 billion years' ago, the interdimensional 'existence'. I am now, focusing, on 'one' existence. During that 'time', there were multiple. but this one particular 'existence', was very specific. Let me explain. There are planets, of course. Planets, in different 'universes', and galaxies. With their own galaxy, universe, planet..planets. ok. Now, each planet, had a different expression. Meaning, let me take one example. Let me take, the sound..'universe'..galaxy and planet. Now, of this planet, a king is born. Yes, there were 'kings', manifested. in interdimensional existences, 350 billion years ago. Now, the king, was of the sound planet. The king, was this stability, of the 'entire universe, and galaxy'. In other words, there was a belief, that existed by the 'people' of such a universe, galaxy, planet. That if the king, would 'leave'. Everything would 'disappear'. Because the king was a manifestation, of the 'entirey', of the universe within which they existed. and the galaxy the people 'everything'. In other words, literally, if the king would go.. the whole god damn universe would go, 'gone'. So, take another example, there was for instance a 'crystal' planet. Now, from the crystal planet, a king would be born. Now this kind, would stand, as the 'entirety' of the crystal universe galaxy planet, people 'everything'. Another one, was.. there was one it was one, it was, a.. geometrical, 'shape' alignment, 'planet' king of that, and then the universe, the galaxy the people everything, so.. therefor each planet there was a different expression. but let's go back to, for instance, the 'sound' planet. There was a king, 350 billion years ago, in the interdimensional existence. Very interesting being. Now, all the king used to do, was of course, sit on their throne, and.. 'watch over his kingdom', his existence. Making sure, everything 'is stable', clear, as himself. and then the people, and his 'wifes' (right) will exist according to their expression, you know, travel, etc. but, one moment, this king, started looking, at his people, and his galaxies and his universe. and, 'of everyone else's' and he wondered: But why? is it that only he stands, as, his own universe galaxy and planet and people? Why is, all his people not able to stand, equal and one 'with him'? and then why? is it that, everything is 'separate'? Why is it that, each planet has a separate manifestation, a separate 'king', standing as his universe his galaxy and his 'people' as 'an entirety of their existence'? Why, can't he stand as 'everything'? Why can't everyone stand as everything, in this existence? and therefore other existences as that, were, manifested 'interdimensionally'. So, he started looking at it, 'intensely specificly'..before he spoke. and he mentioned it, you know he gathered everyone and he said: 'What if, we all stand, in our universe, and galaxy and planet and people' in which we currently experience ourselve as sound.. 'as all'! people went into 'absolutely fear'! The beings, of that planet, 'Fear'! 'How dare you say that'! 'You are the king, you are..the One' of our universe, our galaxy, our planet and our people. 'You must stand where you are'! 'We are not equal to you' 'We are who we are - our, tiny expression play a Part in it' 'But how dare we stand as one, and equal with you'!? you know they did, the entire, bowing, ceremonies etc. Everyone going about, the nomaldaty, and ordinarilyness of their experience. Not considering, what the king, specificly considered. Now the king, of course, was not satisfied..and wanted some answers. From a 'question' asked, he set on his own quest. For the answer, of the reason: why we are not able to, 'all the planets', come together as one. Every all beings as one and then this existence, and we, go forth to other existence and suggest the same. Then we all become just 'one'. why not? Let's see what would happen. Of course! no one.. wanted to hear 'this', statement. So 'this king' went to all the other kings, in their, galaxies, had a gathering, the universes galaxies he suggested this. of course, all of them said: 'How Dare You'! 'I am the King, of the Crystal manifest' 'manifested universe galaxy planet and my people'. 'It is My universe, it is My galaxy'. and all the other kings, of all the other planets of this specific existence said: 'Hear Hear'! So this king was alone. he said: 'But this must be possible, why not'? Here I am, standing as my, 'sound' universe, galaxy, people. 'I wonder what would happen if I put Everything inside me'. So, this is Veno. and I'll continue in my, next interview. Thanks. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave, DesteniProdDemons: CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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