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Lara's Message for TEDx in Korea

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So, Lara. Is it going on? Ok. So, can you first introduce yourself a little bit, about you and your TEDx team. Sure, Im' Lara Stein, I run the TEDx program at TED, and you'll be meeting some of my team later. So, I think it would be really cool if you can personally introduce what TEDx is all about for Korean audience, what TEDx is all about..(yeah) The vision of TEDx is that you can hold your own little mini TED-like event But, what's really important is that you tap in to local voices within your community that are doing interesting things with your community and you amplify and highlight those voices so you train people to speak..mainly so you can train people to speak whose ideas may not never have been heard before and you can amplify them by putting them on our TEDx channel and eventually, hopefully on TEDx phenomenon in Korea is pretty big now and I think, you probably have a lot of expectation what TEDx in Korea should look like or go towards TEDx in Korea has grown incredibly quickly it's very exciting for me and the rest of the team I think, there are over 62 events that have happened in Korea and what's really interesting to me is a lot of them are happening in university campuses so it is still a very young, very dynamic, very enthusiastic audience and I love the idea of that passion and enthusiasm carrying over to the the whole TEDx movement and so when I think about TEDx in Korea, I do really think about a lot of young people really being able to express their ideas and their ideas for both now and our future and so I really would hope that you would use this platform to look at your local communities and find those great ideas within your communities and help them to bubble up. Obviously, a lot of the events need to be of smaller events because in order to hold an event with more than a hundred people, you do need have attended an official TED conference like Han so, a lot of the event was smaller one I never acquaint size with quality there can be amazing quality event that's a much smaller event and I'm really focused on this idea of putting this small quality event that just highlights the best voices in your community and really allowing the ideas in your community to bubble up add a quality experience for and the people are very important part of the initiative going forward this year this year is the idea of regional collaboration so, finding ways to meet the people who have been to TED and have regional workshops where you can learn how things are done at a TED conference and what the underlying philosophy is and the fabric of TED what is important when you organize a TEDx event and I think, the learning the things that Victor and Han and some of the other TEDx organizers that they have picked up over the last few days if they can find a way to pass it on to you I think we'll make the structure and the foundation of TEDx in Korea into a very very important way. So, any encouragement to Korean organizers?Final views, comments. The community in Korea is a phenomenal community I think out of anywhere in the world, there is more energy in this community than I've seen anywhere else and it's really a community that wants to realize the TED vision in the right kind of way. So, as you move forward please keep in mind we here at TED, we're supporting you we're willing to give you any feedback, if you have any questions if you have any confusions about the rules and guidelines my whole team is here to support you and, we're thrilled that certain TEDx organizers had been able to be here with us at TED it's been very exciting and, they're gonna be mentors and ambassadors in your region and they're trying to find a way to collaborate and do this together and as importantly, for myself, the TED team, the regional community, the global community do understand and share and learn from you it's very important, you write stories about your event and find little interesting things that have worked in your event, and little things that haven't worked at your event and share that with the global community. and then, just tell general stories about what happened great stories, inspirational stories about what happened at your TEDx event I'm really looking forward to this year and to see what you have achieved Because it has been an amazing 2010 and I am sure 2011 is going to be equally amazing so, let's try to find a way to really build it in the right way. Thank you, Lara.

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Short Interview during TEDActive2011

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