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Hi this is Nancy lópez reporting for Mission [email protected] and tonight we're on the corner of 21st and Valencia Street for the grand opening of Viracocha Creation Factory. We're here with Jonathan Siegel the master mind behind Viracocha Creation Factory Why don't you tell us what Viracocha means In Mesoamerican folklore there's the idea of a feather serpent it's a creation deity it's also kind of the destruction deity as well so it's more about the rebirth and the bringing on to something new I know there's a lot of interesting items in their books typewriters, all vintage items and i know before you told me that a lot of these stuff is from salvage yards I've been collecting antiques and items for the past two decades I started noticing that there's people going out and purchasing things from manufactures Three years later, they fall to the ground they're cracked they go get a new thing And there are things that are just sitting, unloved, uncared for put a little polish on them and sand them down and they're beautiful works of art What's your favorite item in there? Well certainly the wood walls All that lumber was all taken for free This one wall was made completing out of paletes and redwood panels they got of a house and that we've now fixed them Why placing the store here in the Mission? This was always the last bastion for what was the true san francisco and it's slowly getting pushed around and finished in the outskirts So this was an oportunity for the intelligent, motivated youth of the Mission Area to really get together and hold fort All right all you Mission folks next time you're walking down Valencia street make sure you come on in to Viracocha Cration Factory for such items as photography books the photography on the walls and you all have a great time This is Nancy Lopez reporting for Mission Eyes Producido por Nancy López. Video de Rosa Ramírez

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Posted by: missionlocal on Feb 9, 2010


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