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Why I chose Beautycounter and love the mission!

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Hey, everyone. I'm Elle or Mindy to my old school peeps. I just wanted to share with you why I started beautycounter and why it's touch my life so much. So brief history I've been working in the health care field for ten years specifically the dental field, and the reason I love dentistry is because I've seen how it can improve people's health and it can improve their appearance and it could literally change someone's life. Beautycounter struck me in the same way in my heart. I thought, YES, why can't we be healthy use healthy products and still look beautiful and have effective products that work, you know? So I.. it just came at the right time. It fell into my lap a few months ago, and I've been using the products and I just I can't get enough of it. And you know, when I was pregnant with Lincoln, my first, four years ago. You know, it became very apparent to me what I was eating. What I was... exercising and I thought products make sense, too. I stopped using some of my acne products.. this & that. And now that I'm pregnant again. Surprise for some of you. The same feeling comes, you know. Everything in my environment that I can control as far as my eating, my exercise, my facial products. I mean, I use 25 products a day! I mean, to think of .. what is in those products and that there is no no safety precautions, or there is no regulating body in the United States that really cares or does anything or can recall products even is amazing I mean I've known for a while that the European Union has banned over 1200 ingredients in their skincare products. In the U.S., 30 we haven't passed a law since 1938 to regulate any of this. Instead of spending all my time researching what European products I could buy, I found Beautycounter! So I just wanted to share that with everybody and you know I figured if I'm thinking this way probably others are as well, so Why not join the movement; be an advocate for this? Beautycounter also pushes the United States to do more, to regulate more. So, I love being behind that. It's a way to kind of change the world one product, one little thing at a time. And, hopefully we can all live a healthier, happier life. Thanks for watching and I look forward to talking with many of you. And going on this journey together. Thanks so much!

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Posted by: ellealbert on Jul 22, 2017

Why I feel driven to spread the Beautycounter mission of safer skincare products.

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