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Adolf Hitler, I come back AfterLife/Death: me and Systems 6

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Adolf Hitler Interview 6 - Seeing Systems This is Hitler again. Ok so, I started seeing these, 'creatures' and and demon beings and I realized that, that whatever 'love' is, or joy is or peace is - they don' know! because they use it, but as a suppression for the anger and sadness what, that they've experienced inside themselves. and I noticed that 'all human beings' were angry, or sad! or full of hatred and they especially during that time, when- when I existed that, it's basically under- understandable, and So with my, "experiences" I didn't even "dare" write it down, or anything, because (laugh) I was looking at it strangely I was saying: Ok. if I were to write it down, maybe everything 'would become more real'! from the perspective that that these creatures these monsters were actually completely take over these, 'beings' What I found strange is that even with these creatures and monsters have taken beings they seemed normal, but that You know it not- doesn't make sense! how did these how does these "fit together"!? How does, human beings have these normal 'Lifes'? they perceived to be normal and then these creatures, and these mons- monsters are 'inside them'? they "speak words" which that don't even "mean", or don't even know the meaning of and, yet - these 'creatures' and these 'monsters' feed off their 'suppressions', their sadnesses, their anger their fears, that's they feed of It was fascinating is that most of them, 'enjoy it' when beings 'pray' I mean my mother usually has like 'seven of them'! they were enjoying while, she's praying so fervently they're in children, children have strange fears and, therefore I I'm mainly became alone (laugh) because I couldn't speak with anyone because everyone, that was in my world at that time I just saw these, these 'demons' within them! and So I was quite, 'alone' for most of my Life 'I preferred that' Because I, I basically started investigating, 'these demons' within human beings started noticing 'behaviors', when they act when they don't act, when they, sometimes 'jumped in' completely, usually in fights they enjoyed that I noticed when, two beings started to fight for something, like that and the demons will actually 'come in', and just 'abused the fight' even more further It was like, human beings, in my world were 'puppets' - for them On strings which these, 'demons' had control of, and they were directed and changed and sp- and they had the ability to speak through these human beings even sometimes! I experienced it many times. So here I was! a child, only about seven year eight year, 'alone' seeing all these 'things', and not understanding a thing, 'nothing' But yet I was fine, it was interesting, it was like Sometimes I wondered, if I was "sent" here, maybe I'm on some strange "existence" some strange 'world' were I- I was sent to come and 'fix it'! or to come and sort it out! or something like that but 'One thing' was certain that, whatever was within human beings, as the demons they were actually in control, of this world They were, that which was standing before, that which, the human beings really was as what I saw myself to be I would, (anguish) "defined it as Life", let's called it Life because it was in the trees as well (smile) as me But I knew there was something, but not even the 'human beings' were aware of it because they were not 'human beings' Demon's speaking but "demon beings" don't even aware of it! so it's like but then who are human beings then? that was my question If these demons speak through them, influencing them, feeding off them and I see them back there somewhat's Suppressed! then what is speaking? and that's, when I started seeing these systems Inside human beings now what it looked like was you had the being, which we called 'the Life essence', as- who they were as me It was in the solar plexus area, back there 'suppressed' There were like these 'seven strings', pulled up from their essence, up into their head with these seven (vertical) lines crossing their mind area and 'within that' there was, 'a system' a system that was into the eyes, the mouth they had everything in the middle of brain and I saw this and I realized that, and Oh of course down 'the spine' and in it was like, 'a system' inside these 'human beings' and then that source that I'd seen, that Life essence was somewhere at the back there and with and you had these 'strings', connected to the 'system' and I realized that: Oh my god. these people are systems. Human beings are systems! and I kind of like look inside myself you know Oh I used to it! to make sure I am clear. I usually stand in front of the mirror and look inside my own eyes, to see if I'm "cleared" It's the only way I knew how to look because everything I'd "seen" was through human being's Eyes. and, in that then I went: Oh my god. what is going on here? Because now for me! (anguish) yet it wasn't really fearful, a fearful matter because everything kind of looked like 'pictures'! you know and I knew I couldn't be Harmed. I interpreted everything as pictures so for awhile, I really believed myself to be in a 'picture world'! everything just looked like pictures. and I played with it, it was fun sometimes I wondered if I could maybe coloring myself in differently or, change my shape, I tried that! with no 'success' of course, but that's how I interpreted everything and, I started looking at these human beings and so what happen is these systems, are talking! and everytime the system will talk, it it wou- it would 'extract' like a a, a little bit from the, Life, force essence (ball) within the human beings and would start extracting it (up) and then 'use that' to speak use 'that to', Express emotionally use that to express a 'feeling', use that to laugh, Everything! Anything! or any 'movement', of a, 'reactive expression' Reactive expression is both feelings and emotions or communication Why? because all these things were 'reactive', you know, 'something' happens, and a reaction "occurs" it's not a "participation", it's not an expression So when a reactive expression occurs, it will actually 'sip', from the Life, force- essence of the beings, that was equal to me, and then they'd kind of regenerate, eat the emotional feeling, and then from there from the generation these creatures these demons would kind of like, feed of it! and I went: There is, definitely 'not a'! some higher- power source essence, in or of this World! That is in some way protecting me, that is impossible! Because, maybe, that Life high essence source, Thing! is of a 'dark nature' is of I really, sometimes wondered if I'm not- maybe in hell! I wondered 'so many things' you know I, I looked at everything and I wondered am I in trauma 'Am I in a coma'? somewhere, in a Life and all these that I am seeing, is an alternate 'universe', or an alternate 'existence' because everything 'really seems surreal' I just, couldn't fathom it into, a, sustainability of certainty, at all Ok. this is Hitler, I will- continue in my next interview. Thank you very much. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: L. Ron Hubbard, G.I. Gurdjieff, Adam Weishaupt CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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