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Interview with Anna Morrissey on North West

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What inspired me to create North West was that I went to school in this area the school was called North Westminster Community School it was a big comprehensive it was really rough but it was also really brilliant and it was a really wild and weird place and pretty much I enjoyed my time at school I don't think it was perfect but it struck me that the school was always an interesting place. When I left school, met other people who went to different schools, my instinct was that my school was more interesting than theirs. So for a long time I had an instinct that there was something artistically interesting about it and maybe I could do something maybe a play, but I'm not a playwright. And a few years back I began to think it might exist as an audio book but it was really when the pandemic hit, I had space to think about what this could end up being. And then I saw CPT's callout for Outside the Box that's when the idea really landed for me that this could be a site-specific audio walk and that I could go back via zoom and find old school teachers, old friends but also meet new people who went to the school that I didn't know at the time. And collate their memories and their stories and really find out what happened to them at school and also what happened to the area. I wanted to talk about change I wanted to talk about London I live in London, I grew up in London I've lived in London all my life and it struck me that change is always happening in London and I'm not anti-change but I am interested in who gets to be part of change and why it feels like, in London, as with other cities around the world I'm sure that everything seems to have to be swept aside to create something new I'm never sure why we can't just repurpose what's there and work with the people and the buildings to improve areas that no doubt need it but also could come to a... be more inclusive. So it's really about that, those two things. We then went on to create the site-specific experience but we also have made North West Online which is a captioned video animation for anyone that can't make it to the site for their own reasons or for a d/Deaf audience who wouldn't get as much out of the audio experience. So this can be experienced at home I'm really proud of it, it's an artwork in its own right and it has beautiful text animation from a fantastic video design team.

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