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Amina, thank you very much for joining us today. The goals are in 17 fields and I think specifically 169, which is very very ambitious and as you said very idealistic and I think maybe some people may say unrealistic also. What do you say to them? I mean, do we want to address the problems of the world and really look at the root causes or do we want to continue putting a Band-Aid that comes off all the time. And I think that that drove us all to the discussion, to then come to how do we bring development in environment together because that was the struggle for us for a year. where people said “No, we want to end poverty“ and if you bring them environment and then poverty will lose out. There has to be education and people seeing these are two sides of the same coin, that this is an integrated agenda. So when you see the 17 goals, you see the response to a very complex world that we live in. So when people say “All the goals are too many,” I'll say, "Well, and they're very complex the world is a very complex place. And that requires that kind of response.” I think in countries where inequalities grew on some people felt like there are marginalized, excluded and also became radicalized. In your country I think Boko Haram is an example of some people not being able to get education became radicalized. Is that the danger you saw that are the drawbacks from the MDGs? I think inequality has been a very big challenge. It's a lesson learned that we have that now many low-income countries moved on to becoming middle income but they left the poor behind and so the housing you know the population of the poor we have in the world in the middle-income countries. So inequalities with in countries across countries is a big challenge. In the cases of my country, I think it’s one of the root causes. The people were excluded not just from education. Many of the young men we see today who have joined Boko Haram were actually educated. So it’s not just―not all of them―just not just you know exclusion. Exclusion from any hope that you have a future, or a role in the development of your community your country―anything to participate in anything to gain from. So you have nothing to lose. And I think when you are in that situation and anything can happen. And I think it was exacerbated by again poverty because lifelyhoods are more lost when we look at crime change efected that region.

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