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Wybron Cygnus Color Wash 100-Watt - Review

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♪♫♪♫.........................[Music Playing] When you need a really deep blue color, you have to use, in a conventional light fixture, a lot of light. Because blue will cut 95-99% of the light out. However, an LED fixture can produce an incredibly saturated blue and do it brightly. So let me show you the Wybron Cygnus Power 100. This is a 100 Watt theatrical lighting instrument. It uses Quad LED. So we've got RGB plus white. So we can get all the colors that we want, plus we can warm them up with a nice white. The beauty of this...You can see this incredible blue... is that we've got enough brightness here to put a lot of blue down on the stage, from a 35-foot distance. And of course if we go to some of the other colors, we can get much brighter than this blue can. But it's just a gorgeous blue. And you can see by using the Quad dial outs rather than an individual color die out where you see individual multiple colors within the fixture itself, with the color that is on the instrument,- is the color that's going to be on the stage and that's really pleasing for television. The other thing about the Cygnus series of lighting instruments is that they have a high refresh rate. That means they're suitable for standard definition and HD televisions. If you're doing any video work, you have to make sure you're using a pro level LED or you're going to start to see flicker. On the Cygnus Series you also have a replaceable lens, 16 or 24 degrees. They've been able to create these lenses for the LEDs, lock them into a frame, the frame simply slips in and locks in. These aren't very expensive. And so you can have 16 and 24 degree lenses available to change your beam spread on these. So if you're looking for a great, mid-range, somewhere around a 35-foot type of a range, 100 Watt professional LED lighting instrument? Then take a look at the Wybron Cygnus 100 wash. ♪♫♪♫........................[Music Playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Oct 4, 2012

The Wybron Cygnus Color Wash LED spotlight uses 5 Watt multi-color quad bulbs (red, green, yellow and blue) to create a great professional Color Wash LED light. It's available in either 16 degree or 24 degree beam spreads. This is achieved with a removable lens. The lenses can also be used with a diffusion medium. This is a great LED for theatrical use.

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