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Hi are you okay if we record this whole interview down? sure okay so please tell me what's your name and your age. my name is Fatimah Smith and i'm aged 39 this year okay so what's your family background? so uhm i'm married for 8 year with 2 husbands and 4 children right now and i've been working in Singapore for about a total of 4 years as of now so why did you choose to come to Singapore? i heard a lot of recommendations from my friends in the states where i got friends that came to singapore very few but i got friends that came to Singapore to work as a domestic helper and they told alot of stories to me such as the employers being kind and good to them so i decide to work rather than work as a housewife at home so why not just make some bucks so did you enjoy your time here in singapore? not exactly but i do my first... okay i have a total of 2 employment experiences and my first one was terrible i have a bad experience with my first sir and ma'am there they were horrible people so they ill-treated me such as not giving me time off, once a year only and my pay was deducted for no reason from 2k to 500 i don't know why and then they accused me for ill-treating their children as well so i decided to leave are you happy with your current employment? ahh yesyes of course. my current employers is my best experience i only have 2 but this is my best experience as compared to what i heard from lucky plaza so my current one will give me a lot of time off like 3 times per week and my pay was even raised sometimes so what do you do during your leisure time? so other than going to lucky plaza like typical maids do, i would have some time off to play sports and bring the dogs out for walks and i would swim in the not just the swimming pool but the river there too and i would do fishing, badminton, basketball, soccer table tennis, tennis, fencing and some other instruments such as the guitar so yea wow amazing! alright so is the process in order to work in Singapore complicated? ah yes. it took me about 1 year in the States for my permit to get accepted before i could come to Singapore so while i was waiting i had nothing to do at home and i just think it is very strict compared to other countries other countries you can just come into the country and you can just work the permit is damn hard to get then is there anything you have learnt from working here? yes, other than taking good care of babies, i've learnt about good relationship like human relationships like how my employer treat me very well and despite it being just a working relationship between a domestic worker and employer, that relationship they treat me as family and bring me out on family day so i love them very much shoutout to them! then would you like to work in Singapore if you were given another chance? yes i'll definitely would i mean it's amazing alright then would you recommend people from your country to work in Singapore? uhhh not exactly in the States you know , their Caucasian culture are more ambitious I would say, they go out for more stuff and domestic works will not be their thing but I will definitely recommend to those Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesian people and i'll be more than willing to help alright, so this is the end of the interview, thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy your time here thank you so much

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