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Heavy Nimbostratus Clouds

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Just your name here. Does she have any other family we need to contact about this? Don't worry. I'll handle it. [sirens] Oh my GOD you're a mess, I hit something Oh my God what happened to you mark? I hit something. He's fine What are you doing back I thought you were heading off to the college? I wanted to wait until the storm completely passed, some of the streets are still flooded. [Low bass Rumble] [toilet flush] What? Back door was open. Well while you will sort this out I'm gonna go say hi to our mother. Wait! [screams] Mom's Dead! I really needed to do this at a better time. So no one would get too discouraged. Discouraged wouldn't exactly be my choice of words. You touched here? She was lying there cold as ice. Well that's what when you've been laying dead overnight I needed to know. See this is why you all shouldn't be hear right now. I needed to make arrangements with the parlor, and speak to you all individually to reflect. How does she pass? Well. I bet it was that fucking mayor, he probably did this to get back at me because I could have stopped his campaign. He was 80 percent ahead of everyone else in the polls Mark. As you all know our mother did have an issue with drinking! And so the psychiatrist rules it a homicide by alcohol. I still don't trust him. Damn Raptors! I did find the bottle of baiju by the bed. It was empty. Mark walks in a bloody mess and mom literally drinks herself to death. This is such a wonderful family. Oh please! You really believe that shit. That is how it always happens. They sneak in when your sleep, stick a needle in you and then sit the bottle of booze by your bed so it looks like an accident. What were your clothes so bloody for anyway Mark? What did they sacrifice a lamb on your pillow while you were asleep? Like I told Gina. I was hit by Something. Your supreme lord and savior Mayor Rumpit is a shill. He tore this city apart for too long. Don't Vote! It only show's how much a slave you are to Mayor Rumpit. Mayor Rumpit is a dinosaur who sacrifices children to gods by eating there brains. So let the heavens rain down upon him. Hallelujah! Hey that's slander you piece of shit. [police chatter] All units heading up to the code 3 chase. Suspect was last Recorded, south bound on Highway 99. [loud low bass rumble] Why did you come back again Anna? How are you doing as well? What are you up to Anna? I see you sitting in the corner all quiet. I know something is wrong. I'd expect Ms, therapists to treat me better than that. I am giving the appropriate response to the appropriate situation. You treat us all like patients. I was the one taking care of her, and everything else in this family While you where off getting Sick. Now let me see? Another abusive boyfriend? Or did wild raggedy Anna have any new stories to tell us? Fuck, it's at mom's house [Vomiting] [Coughing] [Heavy Breathing] How's College going anyway? School's fine, But my bones make it harder and harder for me to get to do my job. Just stop drinking the tap water. Don't you know what fluoride does to your bones? I told you not to work yourself to hard. Look! The fluoride in the water is the least of my worries, but thank you. Where you Breastfed? [Anna] Okay your way off course. I'm not even sure we were ever on course, to begin with Look it's not the water and it's not me over working myself. We go through this every single time. It's the weather. Too much rain. How are you feeling now Andrew? [Low bass rumble] [Loud party music in background] [Heavy Thunder] So, Gina, why are you here? I came here to pick up some papers and check on our mother. Don't act like you're the only one that comes here. While Mark was out making us all look like fools! Or you Anna, allowing your husband to beat and call you fat. I was the one that was taking care of mother and this house. I deserve something. We all had things to deal with, yours was here with mom. That's actually the most sense he's made all evening. Either way you look at it, I was the one who was in this house, I deserve something. That's why I'm taking the will. To have it updated as the executor. Where's the will? In the kitchen. Have you checked the date? Why? You really don't know? We all have nothing. That's what the new will says. None of us needed to be taken care of. [intense rumbling]

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