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Everyday at Garfield Square on 25th and Harrison, José Gúzman can be heard calling out drills while his players practice for the next game. Guzman, city recreation director, has been involved with soccer for more than 20 years. I coach over six teams I coach right now an under five, under six, under seven, under 10, under 11 and under 17 boys. I have a lot of help with volunteers if not it would be impossible to do in a week I work with over 200 kids, so if I didn't have special volunteers I couldn't make it. I have six to ten volunteers come out and help me each week. This summer he also worries that the city's budget crisis will put his players at risk. Recognizing this great program and the biggest issue is always money, getting equipment and just getting the support to say hey let these guys go out there and show what they have. A lot of times, too much politics stop them from doing what is not hurting anyone in the long run. On the field, there are no politics. It's a game that keeps young kids engaged. I do other things, but I'd probably be pretty bored on the weekends. 'cause when we don't have games I don't do anything. Watching tv after a while is boring. I like to play soccer. But the older players also realize they have a role beyond soccer. It's really fun to play and it gives you something to do instead of doing dumb things on the street. You could always just get good at something and keep on building it up. Guzman worries about what would happen if this all vanished. It hurts the city I think, 'cause you stop something good and they do vandalism, and do other stuff when they were doing great and you stop the program. Already parks and recreation has cut 75 employees And they talk now about closing parks. For now, guzman tries to ignore the budget mess and focus instead on getting more volunteers. The can come down to Garfield square and look for Guzman and they'll tell you where to find soccer. What have you learned playing soccer? The sportmanship, don't argue with the ref, have fun and making friends.

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The play begins at Garfield Square, at 25th and Harrison streets with pick up soccer in the morning and later the league players, ages 3 to 19 years old play Monday through Friday from 4 to 8pm. For many soccer fans, Garfield's year old turf is considered the best field in the district and so it's rarely empty.

This summer players and coaches are more on edge, always worried that budget cuts will mean fewer hours or the loss of its recreation director Jose Guzman. Mission [email protected] talked to Guzman from San Francisco’s Park and Recreations Department to hear about life at Garfield Square. The schedule is listed below.

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