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Man was born hungry. From this early desire, he developed a taste for food. Eating became a habit. With the inner man satisfied, he is filled with a sense of well-being. Hello, handsome. Hello, fat. Who's fat?! Who? You! Why, I'm as fit as a fiddle! Face it... Yeah? Well, get a load of that, mac... What a runner! terrific at tennis, triple threat in football, record breaking jumper, and boxing fed! Clever, fast, hard-beating! Eeeeasy does it, fatty! I was a round athlete. That's right. Only now your just all round. You're going to pop! You're getting too big for your breeches! Ooooh, it's just an old suit! Well ... well, off with the old, on with the new... Stripes are slenderizing No one can call you FAT. Where to, fat? Although you are a heavy eater... (any more grump, champ?) you always settle for a light lunch. Going up? You're just too fat, Fat! Who's he to call him fat! You are jolly, genial, lovable but... FAT AS A PIG!!! I must be getting fat... What have you got there, fat? Bring it here, junior. Hum, here's an easy way... Let's see you touch your toes! Toes??? If you can see them, you can touch them. Let's face it, chubby... your trouble is EATING! Eating?? It says here, quote, eating and overweight go hand in hand. Hey, fat! You can't eat all that! No bread, gravy, beans, potatoes, pie, cake, cream, sugar, spaguetti, butter, starch ... Just good old, substancial, low-calory food. But better yet! Firmly place the hands on the table and... PUSH!! That's better! Get Thee behind me, Salami! That a boy, slaps! I knew you could do it! No munching between meals! Relax. Forget. Try a new hobby, read a book. Yeah! (EAT!) tender ham. (EAT!) delicious pies. (EAT!) mashed potatoes. (EAT!) candied yams FRIED CHICKEN, (EAT!) MELTED BUTTER, WHIPPED CREAM, (EAT!), SPAGHETTI, MACARONI (EAT!) CAKE, ICE CREAM, ahh!! EAT! Eat... Lusciuos grapes (EAT!), bananas ... (EAT!) EAT! cold cuts ... EAT! trout, gold and brown, French pastry, almonds, CREAM CUPS, HAM AND EGGS, ha ha ha... EEAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTT! eat! eat!, eat! eat... eat... eat... eat... eat... eat... eat... Ahhh, stout fellow... Eeeeaaatttttt! EAT! EAT! EAT! EAT! EAT! Ha! Eat, drink and be marry and tomorrow... we diet!

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Duration: 6 minutes and 44 seconds
Country: Spain
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: Walt Disney
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Posted by: pilarmham on Apr 25, 2013

Goofy needs to lose some weight.

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