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8-23-09 Captioned Children's Message, Zion, Torrance, CA

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Pastor Dave Bostedt is greeted enthusiastically by the children. Good Morning, Pastor. How's everybody today? Good. Everybody's smiling and looking all good so that's a good thing. Who would like to look in The Purple Bag for this morning? Children raise their hands and Pastor says: Let's ... let ... Jenna, as he hands Jenna The Purple Bag. You know what that is, Jenna? Dirt. Dirt! Dirt. Anything else ... in The Purple Bag other than dirt? You know what else is in there with the dirt? Not in The Purple Bag. Pastor made a mistake. In the dirt bag. Is there anything else in the dirt bag? (Yes) Oh yeah, there's a couple rocks. Anything else? That big white thing that you see in there. Do you know what that is? This thing. If you turn it over you might. Now do you know what it is? (Little rocks?) Yeah, those are little rocks. That's right. If you hold it up, can anyone tell Jenna what this other big thing is? A.J.? (Band-aid?) It's a band-aid. That's right! You know what I call that? That little package right there? That's my ... dad's first-aid kit! Okay? 'Cuz if we were out playing around and we got a scrape, you know what he would say? Rub some dirt on it. If it gets infected, we'll put a band-aid on it later on. So do you think that's good advice that my dad had? No, it was NOT good advice. That's why today we're going to learn that sometimes when we hear what God has to say, we have to trust Him because He's our heavenly Father and He's not gonna give us bad advice. He's not ever gonna tell us something that would hurt us, or harm us. We might not understand it ... fully because we can't see everything that God sees. We don't know everything that God knows but what we want to realize is that we will believe Him, and trust in Him and that He will accomplish in us ONLY good things, because He loves us and cares for us, through His Son, Jesus. That's what we're gonna learn today. Anybody have any questions? No. Then you guys can go back to your moms and dads and we'll join together in this morning's sermon hymn.

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Posted by: hischild on Aug 23, 2009

Our heavenly Father accomplishes only good things for us, His children. We trust Him even when we can't always understand His ways. Contact Pastor Dave at:

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