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[Will] If you have your own application and you want to embed parts of Power BI reports inside the application, you can use our platform as a service offering. So this allows you to create reports just as you would do for anything else within the Power BI Desktop and then upload those to a workspace that you can then embed inside your own applications. If you go and search for Power BI Embedded, you'll find yourself on this page. This is kind of our landing page for all of the work to go and embed reports inside your applications. We actually have an example of a kind of experience that maybe you could build. One of the great things about using this is that a user coming into your application doesn't need to know anything about Power BI. So here the application is built by this Northwind Traders Group. They do fleet management and engine management across airlines. And you can see I'm logged in as Emily Hart. Now I've not logged into Power BI. I don't have to have a Power BI account. I'm just logging into this application. But what I see is this really nice rich visualization that helps me identify problems with particular engine parts, and I can select them to do this kind of highlighting just as I can with any other Power BI report. The application is managing things like navigation between different pages in this report. And as I browse around the application it's presenting different slices of information to me all visualized using Power BI. But again the user doesn't need to know anything about that. They just see these really rich and powerful visualizations that help them make the use of data as they're going about their business. So building these applications, like I said, you build the reports within Power BI Desktop and then use our APIs and the Power BI SDK to actually embed that inside your application. You manage all of the authentication and authorization with your users. And the visualizations then just work out of the box, or you can use the custom visuals and technologies like B3 to build your own if you want to. There's a whole bunch of more information available on this website including some really good documentation and some really good video demos from one of my colleagues called Josh who walks through the details of how you go and connect up these applications to Power BI reports. So if you want to build these rich applications and rich visuals into your applications, take a look at Power BI Embedded. It's a really great way of doing that.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 28 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
License: All rights reserved
Genre: None
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Posted by: csintl on Aug 24, 2016

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