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Science in Seconds - Ada Lovelace

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Science in Seconds Know Everything People of Science ADA LOVELACE Brit Trogen: In the century before the first general purpose computers, Ada Lovelace is often called the world's first computer programmer. Born Augusta Ada Byron in 1815, Lovelace was the daughter of famous poet Lord Byron, who (expecting the baby to be a glorious boy) was somewhat disappointed. Her parents soon separated, and Ada was raised by her aristocratic mother, who was so determined that her daughter not become a poet that she educated her in mathematics from an early age. As it turned out, Lovelace had an incredible affinity to the subject, helped by tutors like mathematician Augustus De Morgan, and at the age of 17 she was introduced to Charles Babbage, who was in the midst of developing his analytical engine, the theoretical precursor to the first computers. Babbage was impressed with Lovelace's intellect, calling her "The Enchantress of Numbers", and he enlisted her help in translating the papers of Italian mathematician Luigi Menabrea on the analytical engine, as well as inviting her to add her own notes on the topic. Her notes were extensive, three times longer than the original paper, and are now recognized as containing the first computer algorithm, a method for calculating a sequence of Bernoulli numbers with the engine. In her paper published in 1843, she also suggested that such a machine could be used to create complex music and graphics, as well as other practical uses in science. Though she died at the age of 36 in 1852, her predictions would later be proved correct. Today, her early contributions are recognized in the computer language named Ada and through Ada Lovelace Day, a date that has now become a celebration of all inspirational female scientists and mathematicians. All rights reserved – No for-profit use allowed (Translators are welcome to put their name here)

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Ada Lovelace has been called many things... the "Enchantress of Numbers," the first computer programmer, the only legitimate child of Lord Byron. We just call her awesome.

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