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Megamind (2010)

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(Megamind narrating) I've always believed that destiny chooses our path in life. [alarms buzzing] (woman) Here is your sidekick. (man) Here is your binky. You are destined for... (Megamind) Destined for ...what? I didn't quite hear that last part. (narrator) They came to our world together... Pffft! ...but they were were destined... [wink "bings"] (woman) Our baby can fly! (man) Yes, yes, nothing but the best for you, darling. (narrator continues) take different paths. Can we keep him? (narrator) One is cheered.... [crowd cheering] Happy Metroman day, Metro City!

[man in audience] I love you Metroman! And I love you, random citizen! (narrator continues)...while the other.... Table for two. [people gasp] (narrator) feared. What? What? [baby cries loudly] [Megamind cries out] (narrator) Coming November 5th... (reporter) A new threat has come to Metro City. (villian) Consider yourselves under new management. (reporter continues)...and Metroman is nowhere to be found. [doorbell] (Megamind) He'll destroy the whole city! I'm sorry. I'm finally free to get in touch with my true power. Making awesome music.

[Ukulele strums untuned] You're kidding, right? (narrator) Everyone needs a hero... You need to be that guy. (sidekick) Well, this is a strange turn of events. (narrator) He will answer the call. [cell phone ring tone] Olo. (sidekick) It's "hello". Oh. Hell - o? Like that? Just a few alterations, and I will be done with your cape. I'm calling it - "the Black Mamba". [extends it breathily] Woo! Let the showdown begin. Where did you park the the invisible... [thud] (woman) What's the plan? (Megamind) It mostly involves not dying. (woman) That's a good plan. I like that plan. Ah. Quick - the spray! We're all out. Well, use the forget me stick. Oh, right. I think it's working! Check this out. ♪ I have eyes, that can see, right through lea-ea-ea-ea-d.♪ Huh? Ahhhhh! Do you have your disguise? [electronic whirring] What? Oh, you look fantastic. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Oct 23, 2010

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