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Those Against Equality and an Equal Money System

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THOSE AGAINST EQUALITY & AN EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM Those against Equality and an Equal Money system The first question you have to ask them is What are they protecting? What are they judging? I mean, judgment protection is the same thing Is it that they feel superior intellectually to those Less fortunate? Are they protecting their way of Life that gives them All the money and resources and Makes the rest of the world Poor? Are they protecting What they already owned and they're unwilling To give up? Their vested interested? Are they protecting Their families? The question is very simplistic I mean When somebody is opposing Equality That which is best for all Always look at What it is they are protecting What is the control they are unwilling to give up That control could be as simple as their ego That believes that they are better and that they have apparently achieved What they have in this world through their "own" effort Without realizing that if they were placed In self-honesty in the "same" position of those that are poor Their own effort would have mean "meaningless" And they would have ended up in "exactly" the same position as the poor Which is the point of self-honesty is to Place yourself In the shoes of every person on earth and see if you would have been able To live a different life in the current system Or would you have been as screwed up and as marginalized and as poor as the poor They make a big thing about the few That rise from poverty but they don't rise Because they are poor They rise because they have an Opportunity like in a casino they got the jackpot That's not valid That's not rising from poverty and that is not True as in The accomplishment of a dream It is not true as pursuit of happiness either Because the person If placed in an equal position Would be what The person become because of their environment in that circumstance and the current world do not provide an equal Environment An equal circumstance and an equal opportunity For all living things All human beings It's not providing Anything sufficient That One can say Qualifies as Loving thy neighbor as thy self or Giving as you would like to receive or Acting as custodians as the image and likeness of god Therefore Those that want control and those that judge You have been exposed With an Equal Money system You will go nowhere because you are the minority As it's always been The current system in the world The one of competition, the one of wealth Is a minority system The minority is ruling the majority And why would The minority fear the majority It's because the minority has got what the majority don't have Happiness and wealth and everything you can dream of and they have it all for themselves How ridiculous is that? That any! political system Any economic system Could ever be One where the minority Rules the majority and that's what we have in the world now Have a look what is happening in the revolutions in The east That is not the real revolution yet The people do not realize yet The real big problem The big problem is The minority is ruling the majority and they will just install new Forms of government to achieve exactly the same point and having more direct control over the resources of these Various countries and again The minority will rule the majority So Whoever oppose A new Equality system An Equal Money system A part of a minority That wants to rule the majority and that is unacceptable That is equal to treason Because treason is Defined A false reason why Most people "should suffer" While "some"! have everything That's the "real crimes" against humanity that has been taking place Over generations and "that" must end The question actually should be Whether there should be tribunals To investigate those That has Abused their right To Life by Installing and promoting systems Of minority To control the majority and to cause untold harm Millions to die! From simple things like Hunger Which is Easy! to prevent Yet that has been allowed and it is being allowed even now as we speak in! The corporations as they make decisions "In" governments as they make decisions As they lay down economic policy They do not look at How To have an economy that feeds everyone No It is how to get goods to people With money How to look after the people with money That is the only thing that is valid According to the current world system That will end with an Equal Money system

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