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Flipped (2010)

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[♪ Curtis Lee, "Pretty Little Angel Eyes"] (boy, narrating) When I first moved into the neighborhood, I felt like I was going to lose my lunch. ♪ Angel Eyes , I really love you so ♪ ♪ Angel Eyes, ♪ Being the new kid, Is the most cruel and unusual punishment ever invented... Bryce! You're here! [classroom laughter] Hey, where's your girlfriend? ...and that was just the beginning. ♪ [the Crystals - "Da Doo Ron Ron"] ♪ I met him on a monday an my heart stood still ♪ Through the years, my parents hoped I would grow up right, and get a good education. Is that a rooster? No, it looks like a chicken. How can you tell? (father) The rooster's a chicken, the question is, are they all hens. Do roosters strut? Yes they do! Just shoot me now. Be careful what you wish for. (boy) I'm just not so sure I got the education they had in mind. (girl) I need you're sharpener. (boy) Have you ever heard of knocking? Hey, what you got there, Dad's playboy? None of your business. Give my best to Miss October. Get out! Or should I say, your best. You're disgusting! ♪ [Chiffons - "He's So Fine] Welcome to your Mayfield School Basket-Boys Auction. (boys) In school, the only thing I totally flunked out in... was understanding girls. Let's start the bidding at $5. $15 >>$20 >>$25 >>$50 My, $50! Sold I mean, how can anyone figure out what they are thinking? Bryce, you should come up here - it's so beautiful. ...and how do you talk to them? I can't. My dad needs me him... fix...a thing What's going on with you and Bryce? What do you mean? Nothing. Oh, okay. ♪ One day I feel so happy ♪ But one day, I started getting this really weird feeling. Somewhere between confusion..and absolute terror. There's a bee in your hair. There's no bee. Are you frickin' mental? Julie Baker - you hate her? That's what's so weird - I don't think I do. (older man) That's quite a girl. Every once in a while you find someone who's..iridescent... ♪ Why must I be a teenager in love ♪ ...and when you do...nothing will ever compare. ♪ 1-2-3 True love ♪ [The Rascals - "Good Love"] ♪ True love ♪ (narrator) Director Rob Reiner takes you back... (man) It can be magic. the most unforgettable time... Eww. ...of your life. ♪ True love, gimme that good, good love ♪ ♪ True love, all I need is love ♪ ♪ True love, all I want is love ♪ True love, lovin' early in the mornin' ♪ ♪ True love ♪ Have you flipped? What's the matter with you? [Captions by]

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