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Adobe - Retail Immersion-HD

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The divide between the digital and the physical world is disappearing. More people are using smartphones in-store and in-store sales are being influenced by digital touchpoints. Enterprises now manage an average of 268 touchpoints for their consumers. And even though in-store traffic is down compared to ecommerce, it's still critical to business and mobile is the perfect bridge between in-store and the world of ecommerce. That's where Adobe can help. We created something we call the Unified Retail Experience. It's meant to help retailers bridge the physical and digital customer experience by seamlessly combining in-store interactive touchscreen technology, RFID and iBeacon technology, and mobile and IOT devices. Based on the customer's preference, the experience allows for anonymous shopping, high touch clienteling services, and seamless checkout. By adapting to the evolving needs of consumers, retailers can nurture a deeper more meaningful relationship with them and cultivate stronger loyalty. Consumers can browse collections in-store, view their wish list online, and poke around before requesting help with a simple touch. Store associates can monitor store operations, keep track of daily tasks, and access useful information and offers. If the customer logs into the store app, then the associate can access that customer's CRN data which would allow them to give better recommendations, access special promotions, and provide faster checkout. Dressing room experiences, for example, can be revolutionized by a smart display screen that has access to wish lists, purchase history and sizing and associates can be more helpful and make more meaningful suggestions. And new checkout options will allow consumers to bust the checkout line by checking out directly on the smart display through their phone or with Smart Back technology that will recognize items in the bag and send a receipt to the customer by email. Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud along with our unified retail experience is just one great example of how Adobe continues to help change the world and retail through digital experiences. Adobe

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Adobe - Retail Immersion-HD

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