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Elämmekö unessa? (Are we living in a dream) pt 2

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...that God almighty would allow a full-scale war still on my lifetime and let me participate in it this is published by a French history researcher word by word an English colleague quotes it word by word and both add: millions and millions of young people at the end of last century and still in the beginning of this century dreamt the exactly same thing sighing, dreaming, exactly that and they continue: millions and millions who prayed like this got this mercy in WW1 and WW2 had mercy to die in the fields of honor but now - something strange happens still young people are being taught among other things this old song is being repeated it's still largely the public opinion papers and TV and everyone are teaching it even in schools it's being taught but among the youth a peculiar protest emerges they are looking the teacher in the eye and say "This has been told thousands of years... ...since Taios and Hellas this has been taught and what is the end result?" "We are going towards a total destruction" I wonder where this sensitivity to awaken in these young people comes from - this has another side, a tragical side - we speak a lot about contemporary decadence of the youth drug abuse and alcohol it is a fact it is a serious danger but even that is explained by the fact that they are too sensitive they see the absurdity of this lifestyle this exploitation, this competition this mindless greed that is not based on any real value but false life values destructive values and these young people see it better than we old and thus because they see it and cannot adjust to it they escape it to high of drugs or alcohol and often the most sensitive are in greatest danger this I learned - I lectured for 10 years in AA clubs in Helsinki and other places and again I have to say in all honesty that I might have succeeded to say something to AA brothers and sisters that uplifted and strengthened them on their way up AA clubs worldwide are the most effective means for sobriety means of salvation but I say that more than that they taught me when I listened to their life stories I noticed that often they had awakened too soon they were escaping an unbearable situation repulsive being that doesn't make sense mindless competition, beating one another ugly, deceptive they were escaping suffering towards a greater suffering that was the tragedy that's why I admit that in today's youth there is this side but on the other hand there's also as if new humanity was trying to emerge It reminds me of a well-known depth psychologist Menninger who tells in his work that deals with these things how it struck him once that since Freud the research objects were mainly sick psyches more or less sick individuals that what if one would organize a control group and aim to find as healthy individuals as possible that's probably difficult but as a professional he did it and after screening hundreds and hundreds of test objects he found a handful of people who according to his professional knowledge were as healthy as possible not completely healthy but healthy to a surprising extent Then he started putting them in scientifical experiments without them knowing it was a test They were taken to events of harangues where American audience was told how great danger is posed to America and the whole humanity by The Bolsheviks how international communism will destroy humanity, culture and civilization and returns brutality on Earth When everyone else started being hysterical and demanding for more atom bombs immediately, then Menninger's healthy people were listening very critically and they were looking concerned not at all nonchalant they listened, but it was difficult to make them hysterical or agitated They were taken from one test to another and carefully observed their reactions noted and this strange observation was done by Menninger that a sign of health is that one retains his discretion even when the less healthy have already lost it Interestingly he continued that although one could have concluded that they are somehow disconnected from other people but in fact on the contrary these healthy people had a natural, spontaneous, self-driven ability to sympathize better than others and feel the joy of others' as their joy and others' suffering as their suffering Isn't this interesting? On one hand they were more independent, had better self-efficacy, and maintained discretion and on the other hand they had a delicate ability to symphatize When top scientists start saying this about a humanbeing it brings hope especially we have reason to hope that among the youth today there would be more and more of this new spirit I would say that everyone has to find their own means their own way according to their own capacity to influence awakening but first and foremost everyone has to start with themselves this is the only advice I dare to give without a doubt you have to start with yourself start with the consciousness: I am asleep! I have been conditioned my forefathers, generation to generation, have been asleep I've inherited that sleep in my genes and since childhood I've been lulled to sleep I have to acknowledge this condition be aware all the time look at myself critically at my prejudice With propaganda one can be changed ostensibly. During the Korean war the word brainwash came to existence. We are all brainwashed. It didn't happen only in Korea. We are constantly brainwashed. We notice a decent member of bourgeois let us use this conventional term of the young man, and he comes under the influence of strong counter-brainwashing reads suitable related literature mingles, joins an organization and in no time he's full of anger towards a capitalistic society demanding a revolution at any cost a profound revolution and of course he's being called a communist and this can happen we know it's happening Especially in America after the Korean war it was scientifically studied that one can be conditioned through speaking, writing, influencing he can be conditioned to new state of sleep it's always conditioning if he's turned through brainwash, preaching and agitation to - say - enemy of capitalism the same guy can be made with appropriate procedure into a frantic advocate of capitalism who says that all communists need to be hung right away - this has happened - An atheist can be turned to Christian and a Christian to atheist It happens around us all the time these conversions and that's why it is a very serious question - the more deeply and accurately I look at it - the more serious your question is: how and through what means could we make awakening happen in a large enough group of people?

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Posted by: astikain on Dec 7, 2009

Yrjö Kallinen was a Finnish pacifist who managed to avoid four death sentences due to his ability to speak eloquently to the executioners. In this interview he talks about how people view capitalism as a means to create a false sense of security and a mass awakening is needed.

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